( Red ) Painted Outdoor Oriental Rugs on Concrete!

YouAreTalkingTooMuch.com Painted Outdoor Rug 1

You loved my blue, and white painted rug….. ~ and so did I. But I ran out of blue paint and I am trying to use what I have…… Ready for a change? Want to see how I spruced up a sad little sitting area, with this “RED, Painted, Outdoor,  Oriental Rugs” in my “work […]

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Work Station 301 (PLUS) CeCe’s green!

Garden Seat

Have you followed the Workstation series? For those of you who are not interested in flipping furniture or doing a large amount at one time….scroll on down. I thought of you guys too and have a fun before and after. : ) The Work Station series is where I talk about how I can complete […]

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Work Station 201

I have been without my computer for three days! It had an “emergency” doctors appointment so I am sorry for the lack of posts. I wanted to follow up on the popular “Work Station 101” post. I shared how I was able to do multiple pieces in one batch and quickly. In the first post […]

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Work station 101

Did you have time to link up at the party yet? If not, click on yesterday’s post and get linked up…then enjoy this post! The other day I posted on my Facebook a picture of a batch of furniture that I had worked on. Do you follow me on Facebook already? If not..click “here” and […]

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