Burlap and Twine Monogrammed Dollar Tree Pumpkin

Burlap and Twine Dollar Tree Pumpkin 1a

Want to know how to make a burlap and twine monogrammed pumpkin? Want to only spend a Dollar? Got ya‘ covered! ~ Take a Dollar Tree Pumpkin…… Spray paint it white. Add a Burlap monogram and some twine and….. Wah Lah!   It is seriously that easy. I used hot glue……burlap scraps and some twine….. […]

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No Sew Outdoor Table Cover and Runner

No Sew Runner YouAreTalkingTooMuch.com 3

Want an easy NO sew project? Got one for you! Want a NO sew table runner and cover that you can easily transition with every season? Got one for you! Want to use the burlap that is all the rage and combine it with pretty fabric? Got you covered! Want a table covering for your […]

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Easy and Delicious Low Carb & Low Cal Pizza !

Flatout Traditional Packaging  2e

We celebrated my brother in law’s birthday this evening. He was recently diagnosed with diabetes, so they have radically changed their diet. In doing so, he doesn’t need any meds to control his diabetes, he has lost 25 pounds, and he said the difference in how he feels is like night and day. In following […]

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Corn on the cob in the microwave! Mess Free!

Corn on the cob with a husk on YouAreTalkingTooMuch.com 1

Yesterday, as I was picking out my corn on the cob…..in Walmart…… a gentleman was painstakingly picking out his cobs. He made sure to tell me how to pick out the right ears…what had dried out too much, how to feel your corn…..he was sort of creeping me out….. So, I began to tune him […]

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Oil Rubbed Bronze Cabinet Pulls…with spray paint!

Kitchen Pulls at YouAreTalkingTooMuch.com 2

I needed a fix for my kitchen cabinets. My old brass pulls were worn and shabby.  I had also purchased a new faucet that was “oil rubbed bronze” and now clashed with my old drawer pulls. What’s a DIY’er to do? Well, for a cheap DIY’er…I wasn’t shelling out almost $5.00 a “pull” for 46 […]

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Summer or Rainy Day, Indoor Fun !

Indoor Play Fun 1

  I have had a sweet time watching my sister’s babies as she recovered from a follow up surgery from her radical bilateral mastectomy. You can read my sister’s story here. She is doing well, and her babies just went back to their home. My heart hurts. We had a blast with her babies, but […]

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