More closet organization tips!

YouAreTalkingTooMuch Closet Organizers 2

More closet organization tips! Have you ever seen a great idea on Pinterest or on a blog and tried it but found out although it looked cool, it didn’t really work? That is what I wanted to do with my closet. Try my ideas out for a bit. See if they really worked or not. […]

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Jewelry Organization Ideas!

jewelery organization at 16

Ok….now for the jewelry organization ideas that didn’t cost me a cent. I have been able to test my “new closet” out for two weeks and I have to say….that the way it is purged and organized…it is working! Here are some of my favorites in my closet that I have used to organize my […]

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Closet Organization Reveal!

Closet Organization 41

My closet was purged, re-organized and now….well…… Let’s just say, I added some “bling” to it. BUH-LING! I have not spent one single cent on my closet organization. Seriously. I even went out to get masking tape but couldn’t because I told you all I would be spending ZERO dollars. You can thank me. Unless […]

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Closet Organization Part 4- Using what you have!

fabric covered boxes at

My closet organization series was way more popular than I thought it would be! Thank you all for being slobs/hoarders like me! I.Am.Not.Alone. You can check out the past posts below that tackled the admission of an “issue” in a messy space and then the purging process. Part 1. (Asking the question, “Why do I […]

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Brass Rubbermaid or Sterilite storage containers

brass storage container 3

Have you seen the fancy new brass Rubbermaid or Sterilite brass storage containers? If you follow me on Pinterest then you may know my love of brass and color. I think these are going to be PERFECT for my ongoing closet transformation! What do you think? Too funky for you? Well, guess what? If you […]

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More “before your purge”. Organizing your closet 3

closet organization at 5

The “Organizing Your Closet” series has actually been very hard for me to post. I canNOT stand seeing the “ugly” photos on my blog. Isn’t that crazy? It is embarrassing and when I go to my home page and see them…..I want to hit “delete”. But….facing the truth can sometimes be embarrassing. I want to […]

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