The time that I was almost popular at the Haven Conference and then my Panini had a hair in it.

room service

I drove six hours today to get to the Haven Conference …BY.MYSELF. I’m brave like that. No friends. No meet up times scheduled. Just me and my CONFIDENT self. Just flying by the seat of my too-tight-white capri’s and feeling pretty good….pretty dang confident. Until about the fifth hour of my trip. And on the […]

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Brass lantern…with spray paint!

brass lanterns at 2

Do you love the look of an outdoor brass lantern? I do ! I have lanterns placed here and there in our outdoor living space, but they had seen better days. And purchasing a brass lantern is not in my budget right now. So…take a small budget…an old lantern…and a can of spray paint, and […]

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Summer Succulents!

summer pool 2

I am playing it a different a tad with some of my plants around my pool. One reason…this year when spring hit, I was going through all of my pots that had been around my pool to get them ready for new flowers. I was shocked to see that many of my succulents had made […]

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Beer Can Chicken

Beer Can Chicken 1

Want moist and flavor filled chicken? Mess free? Easy and cooked on a grill, with an aroma that will have your neighbors mouths watering? ~ Gotcha’ covered. Beer Can Chicken (on its back…it cooks standing up!) ; ) Cast of characters: One Young Whole Chicken One half of a beer (don’t waste the other half!) […]

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Stenciled Outdoor Persian Rug and a SEVEN BLOG GIVEAWAY!

Cutting Edge 6

  Ever wanted to try stencils because you have seen all of their awesome transformations on Pinterest and the web? ~ I know the feeling. If you remember my “closet transformation”, you will know that I used a really cool wall stencil and made my closet a little oasis! I bought that stencil myself. Out […]

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More closet organization tips!

YouAreTalkingTooMuch Closet Organizers 2

More closet organization tips! Have you ever seen a great idea on Pinterest or on a blog and tried it but found out although it looked cool, it didn’t really work? That is what I wanted to do with my closet. Try my ideas out for a bit. See if they really worked or not. […]

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