Goodwill Secret(S) #4 (A MUST SHARE)

Goodwill 4l

Goodwill SecretS….YES, that is SECRETS…..Plural! Let’s wrap this series up and to do so, I will share a few last awesome secrets about Goodwills!  I believe this is a secret that you will want to share. You must read to the end and you will see why. We all know someone who can benefit from […]

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Goodwill Secret #3!

Goodwill 3h

Ok……you have learned about the “bell” in Goodwill Secret #1. You were told about the discount “number” in Goodwill Secret #2. AND GUESS WHAT????? This next secret…. Well, it is one of my favorites.  For real! Before I share though….you guys have added so much insight to these posts!  If you are reading this Goodwill […]

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Goodwill Secret #2!

goodwill 2a

So, guess what? Want to know what my most pinned post was  in about a month? Not any of my FEE-ABULOUS projects but it was yesterdays post…..Goodwill Secret! Think we can all relate to a good deal? That is exactly why I love you guys! I also love you so much that I went to […]

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Secrets of Good Will !

*This is a repeat post for old-timers but I thought you new guys on the block may enjoy as I take a few days off. I think you need to REALLY get to know me. : ) Stick around, I have a bunch of catching up to do! Love, Me* Today was a busy day […]

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Goodwill Scores!

I mentioned on my “stories behind the beach house” posts about a couple of Goodwill scores. I thought I would share them a little closer. Thrift finds have supplemented my home and my rentals. If you are new to thrifting, it is something you have to try more than once. I had purchased two runners […]

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