Summer or Rainy Day, Indoor Fun !

Indoor Play Fun 1

  I have had a sweet time watching my sister’s babies as she recovered from a follow up surgery from her radical bilateral mastectomy. You can read my sister’s story here. She is doing well, and her babies just went back to their home. My heart hurts. We had a blast with her babies, but […]

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Dining Room Update (hint…it’s not finished) Dining Room 1

Many of you have asked how my dining room is going…….. Well…….it’s going, it’s just not there yet. So, instead of making you wait a year before I find my next “Pretend Built In Bookshelf“, I thought I would share where it is. Go easy on me people. Ok. My mantel is just full of […]

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Ok, I’m not trying to freak you all out…..

Dinging room 1

  But there is no turning back now.   And, depending on when you read this…. If Tuesday morning…early…..I am trying to put on the final coat before I go to work. And I have passed the panic point about painting the brick, my trim and about finalized my divorce. Ok? So, everyone caught up? […]

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Peanut Butter Sheet Cake PLUS Giveaway!

Peanut Butter Sheet Cake 1

My sister makes the BEST Peanut Butter Sheet Cake. ~ Ever. So, I called her yesterday to get her recipe when I got the hankering for her Peanut Butter Sheet Cake. ~ She obliged. No.Lie……. This is the most awesome peanut butter sheet cake ever. Easy and I even used generic “IGA” brand peanut butter….. […]

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Bench Dining Changes

Bench Dining 20

Ok……if you all thought I was asking your opinion on my bench dining room, but didn’t really mean it. Here’s an update. This is the big ‘ole honking armoire that I didn’t even show in the picture. It is against the wall to the right……. A lady is coming Saturday that wants it. And now…..I […]

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Bench Dining for Small and Large Spaces

Bench Dining at 11

Ok, I told you all that I was trying to come up with some kind of bench dining idea for my formal dining room. I can only use the monies that I made from selling my formal dining room table and chairs. So, the creativity challenge is on! I am trying to implement a few […]

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