Don’t Put Your Cart Before The Horse

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Ever hear the phrase, “don’t put your cart before the horse?” Well, I am going to share a little something to do with that phrase but I wanted to catch up first. If you hang out with me on Facebook, then you will know that I have had jury duty all week. Running from jury […]

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Because it is true…….

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Ok. For those of you that have been around, have you wondered where I have been? Have you missed me at all? I mean….I’m usually pumping out way more posts than what I have been lately. But…if you do follow me, then you will remember that two of my sisters found out they had breast […]

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The blog is back and I am at the Southern Bloggers Conference!

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It is 6:55 in the morning and I was so excited to be able to click on my blog name and not see the under maintenance message!!! Yay!!!! Chris has been working hard at getting it restored. He did it! You will also see some more changes as he fine tunes the design this week […]

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Six years ago, today…….


(This is a re-post for all of my new friends. I thought you may enjoy!) Six years ago, this morning…… I opted to stay awake. Stupidest. Thing. I. Ever. Did. Staying awake? No, it’s what I opted to stay awake for Let me just explain that for some reason I was raised believing you are […]

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Thoughts into words


Sometimes it is so hard to put thoughts into words. You probably guessed that since you haven’t heard from me in almost two weeks. Don’t get me wrong. We have been a little occupied. But we have LOVED every minute of it. So much that my womb aches for more little ones here. Well, if […]

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This morning I walked up my sister’s stairs, from where we are staying, to see her sitting in the dark in her living room with her lap top opened. She was up early getting ready to leave for the hospital. “Hey”, I whispered. “Is there anything that you are worried about before you leave?” Immediately, […]

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