When someone you love…….dies.

daddy 90

I have not known how to post this. I have not wanted to post this. I have really not wanted to endure this. But in real life, which is what my blog has revolved around………people die. And you all deserve to know why I “disappeared” and why I want to “come back” and find my […]

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Dining Room and Simplicity…..

dining room 51

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! We did. It was probably one of our most stress free…..slower paced, and…….simpler (is that a word?) Christmases that we have had. Simpler…..(IS it a word?) And in keeping with simpler (???) times, I wanted to share with you ….   NOTHING BIG. You’re welcome. Get it? Simpler […]

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Secret to pretty Chalkboard writing!

Christmas 2013 3

Guess what? I am probably the last person in the world to find this out…… But there is a secret to getting that really “white” pop when you write on your chalkboard. I thought it was chalkboard pens that people were using…..but, whatever you do……DON’T BUY THEM! They stain your boards!Many of you have written […]

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The time that I was almost popular at the Haven Conference and then my Panini had a hair in it.

room service

I drove six hours today to get to the Haven Conference …BY.MYSELF. I’m brave like that. No friends. No meet up times scheduled. Just me and my CONFIDENT self. Just flying by the seat of my too-tight-white capri’s and feeling pretty good….pretty dang confident. Until about the fifth hour of my trip. And on the […]

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Oil Rubbed Bronze Cabinet Pulls…with spray paint!

Kitchen Pulls at YouAreTalkingTooMuch.com 2

I needed a fix for my kitchen cabinets. My old brass pulls were worn and shabby.  I had also purchased a new faucet that was “oil rubbed bronze” and now clashed with my old drawer pulls. What’s a DIY’er to do? Well, for a cheap DIY’er…I wasn’t shelling out almost $5.00 a “pull” for 46 […]

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Kiwi Spoons….

Kiwi Spoons YouAreTalkingTooMuch.com

What? You haven’t heard about them? In my love of vintage kitchen utensils….I had a fun set that was just calling my name to be re-purposed. But alas…..they were GRAPE FRUIT spoons…… And I don’t eat grape fruit. But I do love me some Kiwi………. So now……. Their NEW purpose? Kiwi spoons. Genius! They actually […]

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