SECRETS to finding the Ballards / Pottery Barn / Restoration Hardware looks on CRAIGSLIST!

dining room 12

Every single time I share photos of the cool items I find on Craigslist, many, many comments say things such as:  Ballards Macau Arm CHAIRS $299.00 EACH You are so lucky! OR Your craigslist always has the best deals! OR How do you find these deals?   Well, let me tell you one way I […]

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Burlap and Twine Monogrammed Dollar Tree Pumpkin

Burlap and Twine Dollar Tree Pumpkin 1a

Want to know how to make a burlap and twine monogrammed pumpkin? Want to only spend a Dollar? Got ya‘ covered! ~ Take a Dollar Tree Pumpkin…… Spray paint it white. Add a Burlap monogram and some twine and….. Wah Lah!   It is seriously that easy. I used hot glue……burlap scraps and some twine….. […]

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Pumpkin Heads!

Place card holders for kids table for Thanksgiving Punkin' Heads at

*If you are on my Facebook you may have seen that I have been busy with my daddy’s health. I am proud of my family at this time and the love and support of my brothers and sisters. We have been able to come together and provide 24/7 care for my dad during this time. […]

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No Sew Outdoor Table Cover and Runner

No Sew Runner 3

Want an easy NO sew project? Got one for you! Want a NO sew table runner and cover that you can easily transition with every season? Got one for you! Want to use the burlap that is all the rage and combine it with pretty fabric? Got you covered! Want a table covering for your […]

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Painted French Doors Transformation

Painted french doors 1

The two year search for a great job with excellent benefits???   ~ It is over!!!!   Whoop Whoop!   It has been a crazy hectic time since the “Haven” conference, in working both part-time jobs and then training and orientation…….yada, yada……. But I just wanted to update you so that you all would know……. […]

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Corn on the cob in the microwave! Mess Free!

Corn on the cob with a husk on 1

Yesterday, as I was picking out my corn on the cob… Walmart…… a gentleman was painstakingly picking out his cobs. He made sure to tell me how to pick out the right ears…what had dried out too much, how to feel your corn…..he was sort of creeping me out….. So, I began to tune him […]

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