Bench Dining for Small and Large Spaces

Bench Dining at 11

Ok, I told you all that I was trying to come up with some kind of bench dining idea for my formal dining room. I can only use the monies that I made from selling my formal dining room table and chairs. So, the creativity challenge is on! I am trying to implement a few […]

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Don’t Put Your Cart Before The Horse

dining room 3

Ever hear the phrase, “don’t put your cart before the horse?” Well, I am going to share a little something to do with that phrase but I wanted to catch up first. If you hang out with me on Facebook, then you will know that I have had jury duty all week. Running from jury […]

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Meet Me Monday Linky Party!


Last week was a great party and I can’t wait to see what you guys have up your sleeves this week! I will quickly get to some of the favorites from last week. I have thought about “stamping”….thought about it. Now I’m REALLY thinking about it. THINKING about it. The Jewelry Making Journal shared an […]

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Roomie time!

Pin It

Do you remember when Freebird moved into her first apartment? Many of you are new around here and may enjoy the past post of when my daughter left the nest… can catch up “here”. It was one of my most shared posts. I’m only catching you up, because if you remember Freebirds first apartment you […]

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Little Blue Table & Prayer Request

If you are my Facebook pal, my Facebook Friend, my Facebook compadre…then you saw this pretty blue table in a sneak peek not too long ago. It started out as this plain before……. I think it originally had a glass insert but I liked the paneled wood and thought it would enhance the after without […]

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An end table that I almost passed up.

There are many times that I am told……”I wish I could find awesome stuff like that at my thrift store or Craigslist!” To which I reply. “You can”. And I mean it. Because I know that I do not live in a magic place. Your pieces are there….you just have to “see” them. And…. I […]

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