Deals and Steals on Fall Decor

fall decor 1

Have you seen the awesome fall decor in Pottery Barns fall catalogue? Me too!!! And with my new job…..well…………… Ha! Who am I fooling….you all know that I’m too cheap either way! Guess where I found these cuties to start my fall decor off with a bang?! Ballards? Pottery Barn? Seriously? Not. I’m the Goodwill […]

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Organizing your closet Part 2 – Before you purge RULES

closet organization at 2

In following my organizing your closet series, I am going to approach my closet just like I do ANY space that I have organized or structured for clients. So, these tips should help you on what space you are attempting to tackle. I want to make something VERY clear. Whenever I help someone get organized, […]

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Quick and Easy way to make ceramic tile AND hardwood sparkle and shine!


I don’t know about you but my life is sooooo busy that sometimes my housekeeping gets behind. I have a quick fix that I have used for years to make my rooms sparkle. I found out about it when I used to clean condos on the weekends when I was younger. Should I make my […]

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My blogging nook

creating a blogging space at

It started out with me not going to bed until 2 or 3am every night. Well, technically, every morning. I knew that blogging at night and staying on the lap top was keeping my mind wide-awake, which was why I wasn’t able to get to sleep. DUH? It was also keeping me from time to […]

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$18.00 Vintage Frye Boots and how to clean dirty leather! Part 1

Vintage Frye Boots Warm leather tones

I had many sweet comments on my boots that I wore for the Southern Bloggers Conference….thank ya’ very much! Some of you even guessed they were Frye boots without even asking. (Kelly @Eclectically Vintage) ; ) Frye boots are super-duper expensive in stores and if you stick around here long enough, you know that I […]

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Living Room Reveal!

Living room Blue White Eclectic tones

I always wanted to be the kind of blogger that had a fancy living room reveal. Like a total wow before and after. Smack in your face ugly before and smack in your face gorgeous after. Well, mine is taking so stinking long (about a year) because I am doing it in TRULY thrifty stages. […]

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