Over 25 Table Transformations…all in one place!

Table collage FB 1

I have compiled over 25 table transformations that I have shared into this one post. Why? Because many of you found me through my painting projects and probably think I have quit……. I haven’t. It’s.Just.So.Dang.Cold. I’m a southern girl…… I don’t really paint in the cold. #1 reason. I don’t want to. #2 reason. I […]

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Meet Me Monday Linky Party!


Last week was a great party and I can’t wait to see what you guys have up your sleeves this week! I will quickly get to some of the favorites from last week. I have thought about “stamping”….thought about it. Now I’m REALLY thinking about it. THINKING about it. The Jewelry Making Journal shared an […]

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Mean/Nice Girls and Busy Year part 3

Our last Christmas celebration was last night. We had a great time and didn’t get home until almost 11:30. We are NEVER out that late. We were party animals! The kids didn’t go because one cousin that came in town is leaving this morning, so my son only had one night left and asked to […]

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Busy Year 2

We had a sweet time with family last night exchanging our nieces and nephews gifts. The kids were funny and one nephew is the perfect example of how to react to any gift. Every single gift he opened, be it a dollar tree toy, he would get so excited and exclaim that it was the […]

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A busy year part 1

How was your Christmas holiday? Ours was wonderful and we are still celebrating with different family members. I have family that came in last night and we are going to celebrate “our” Christmas with them tonight. We will celebrate our Christmas with Romeo’s family tomorrow night. I will savor every moment. And then be relieved. […]

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I was stupid about followers!

There are times that I will share the good. There are times that I will share the stupid. I did a stupid. When I was updating my blog, I decided to not put the followers back up and buck the system. I wanted to live a “blogger” rebel life. That was stupid. I find myself […]

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