Peanut Butter Sheet Cake PLUS Giveaway!

Peanut Butter Sheet Cake 1

My sister makes the BEST Peanut Butter Sheet Cake. ~ Ever. So, I called her yesterday to get her recipe when I got the hankering for her Peanut Butter Sheet Cake. ~ She obliged. No.Lie……. This is the most awesome peanut butter sheet cake ever. Easy and I even used generic “IGA” brand peanut butter….. […]

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“One step” Craft Ribbon Organizers

ribbon organizer 7

I just scored a bunch of ribbon at a yard sale and was googling around looking for “Craft ribbon organizers”. A ton of the DIY organizers were pretty fancy and required dowels, hardware, hard work… etc. etc.etc. and well…. I’m lazy. The NON DIY ones cost a pretty penny and well……. I’m cheap. So, do […]

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Thrift & Yard sale baskets to “Fellowship baskets”!

fellowship baskets 1

Want a fun and easy gift addition this year? Who can remember the “thrift store” tray and posts from last year? What about the “thrift store tray and chalkboard post”? Last minute gift ideas that were super popular and How many of you have down-sized gifts to friends and even family? We have. Last […]

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Meet Me Monday Linky Party!


Last week was a great party and I can’t wait to see what you guys have up your sleeves this week! I will quickly get to some of the favorites from last week. I have thought about “stamping”….thought about it. Now I’m REALLY thinking about it. THINKING about it. The Jewelry Making Journal shared an […]

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Cheetah Flats & Giveaway!

Leopard flats

I wanted to share with you one of my favorite new things…… It’s not furniture. It’s not food. It’s a pair of shoes. Yes, I have freckles on my feet. You’re welcome. I saw several cute cheetah flats online and coveted, lusted and salivated but knew there was no way I was spending $100.00 on […]

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Mean/Nice Girls and Busy Year part 3

Our last Christmas celebration was last night. We had a great time and didn’t get home until almost 11:30. We are NEVER out that late. We were party animals! The kids didn’t go because one cousin that came in town is leaving this morning, so my son only had one night left and asked to […]

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