Deals and Steals on Fall Decor

fall decor 1

Have you seen the awesome fall decor in Pottery Barns fall catalogue? Me too!!! And with my new job…..well…………… Ha! Who am I fooling….you all know that I’m too cheap either way! Guess where I found these cuties to start my fall decor off with a bang?! Ballards? Pottery Barn? Seriously? Not. I’m the Goodwill […]

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Summer or Rainy Day, Indoor Fun !

Indoor Play Fun 1

  I have had a sweet time watching my sister’s babies as she recovered from a follow up surgery from her radical bilateral mastectomy. You can read my sister’s story here. She is doing well, and her babies just went back to their home. My heart hurts. We had a blast with her babies, but […]

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Kiwi Spoons….

Kiwi Spoons

What? You haven’t heard about them? In my love of vintage kitchen utensils….I had a fun set that was just calling my name to be re-purposed. But alas…..they were GRAPE FRUIT spoons…… And I don’t eat grape fruit. But I do love me some Kiwi………. So now……. Their NEW purpose? Kiwi spoons. Genius! They actually […]

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Boy into Man……..


Today, this kid……. The one who just left our home with a cap and gown on a hanger over his shoulder………. He graduates from high school. Do I have to go? Honestly, I am excited to be there. My heart hurts. In a good way. Even though this seems like yesterday…….(my boy on the right…his […]

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More closet organization tips!

YouAreTalkingTooMuch Closet Organizers 2

More closet organization tips! Have you ever seen a great idea on Pinterest or on a blog and tried it but found out although it looked cool, it didn’t really work? That is what I wanted to do with my closet. Try my ideas out for a bit. See if they really worked or not. […]

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Don’t Put Your Cart Before The Horse

dining room 3

Ever hear the phrase, “don’t put your cart before the horse?” Well, I am going to share a little something to do with that phrase but I wanted to catch up first. If you hang out with me on Facebook, then you will know that I have had jury duty all week. Running from jury […]

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