Dining Room and Simplicity…..

dining room 51

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! We did. It was probably one of our most stress free…..slower paced, and…….simpler (is that a word?) Christmases that we have had. Simpler…..(IS it a word?) And in keeping with simpler (???) times, I wanted to share with you ….   NOTHING BIG. You’re welcome. Get it? Simpler […]

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Easy and Delicious Low Carb & Low Cal Pizza !

Flatout Traditional Packaging  2e

We celebrated my brother in law’s birthday this evening. He was recently diagnosed with diabetes, so they have radically changed their diet. In doing so, he doesn’t need any meds to control his diabetes, he has lost 25 pounds, and he said the difference in how he feels is like night and day. In following […]

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Summer or Rainy Day, Indoor Fun !

Indoor Play Fun 1

  I have had a sweet time watching my sister’s babies as she recovered from a follow up surgery from her radical bilateral mastectomy. You can read my sister’s story here. She is doing well, and her babies just went back to their home. My heart hurts. We had a blast with her babies, but […]

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Creating an Outdoor Oasis on a budget

patio furniture 8

Our jacuzzi has been a pain in the hiney more than a good thing. So, I am selling it, broken. I’m not broken, the jacuzzi is. I am telling the people on CL that it is broken, exactly what is wrong with it and how much it will be to repair. I am even giving […]

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Boy into Man……..


Today, this kid……. The one who just left our home with a cap and gown on a hanger over his shoulder………. He graduates from high school. Do I have to go? Honestly, I am excited to be there. My heart hurts. In a good way. Even though this seems like yesterday…….(my boy on the right…his […]

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( Red ) Painted Outdoor Oriental Rugs on Concrete!

YouAreTalkingTooMuch.com Painted Outdoor Rug 1

You loved my blue, and white painted rug….. ~ and so did I. But I ran out of blue paint and I am trying to use what I have…… Ready for a change? Want to see how I spruced up a sad little sitting area, with this “RED, Painted, Outdoor,  Oriental Rugs” in my “work […]

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