Burlap and Twine Monogrammed Dollar Tree Pumpkin

Want to know how to make a burlap and twine monogrammed pumpkin?

Want to only spend a Dollar?

Got ya‘ covered!


Take a Dollar Tree Pumpkin……

Spray paint it white.

Add a Burlap monogram and some twine and…..

Wah Lah!

 Burlap and Twine Dollar Tree Pumpkin 1a

It is seriously that easy.

I used hot glue……burlap scraps and some twine…..

The design is up to you.

I chose to design one with a burlap monogram, but the burlap without the monogram is actually my favorite.

Just so you know.

You did want to know that didn’t you?

The stem is easy!

I coated the “stem” of the pumpkin with hot glue and just coiled the twine around it. Then tucked it into the glue at the top and cut it off.

Burlap and Twine Dollar Tree Pumpkin 5

I love how the stem turned out.

Burlap and Twine Dollar Tree Pumpkin 1


My sister did my Oh.So.Cute leaves.


Burlap and Twine Dollar Tree Pumpkin 7

She used the same fabric that I used for my burlap and fabric outdoor table runner.

We just played around with ideas and only used what we had on hand.

Burlap and Twine Dollar Tree Pumpkin 1c

Pick up a few pumpkins from the Dollar Tree!

They start out so plain….but end up so cute!

Burlap and Twine Monogrammed pumpkin

Which one is your favorite?

How would you decorate yours?

I would love to know!



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  1. Uh oh. I had to see this early this morning! I know where I’m going today, and it’s only two miles from us!

  2. This is wonderful!! Love you and your blog! Linda

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