“The Gray Man” – Tall distressed antique chest

Rebecca’s got her “groove” back.

Grey Tall Chest YouAreTalkingTooMuch.com 2

So you know…..

I’m Rebecca.

Also known as,  “Becca Boo” to my spouse. Mom to my kids. “Me”….to you.

Grey Tall Chest YouAreTalkingTooMuch.com 3

I took an “oops” paint from Lowes…..the antique chest that used to hold my linens.

Put ’em together and……Wah lah!

Gray Man Chest b

Wood lovers of America, please know that this antique chest had MAJOR imperfections. Paint was the perfect choice for this antique piece. It enhanced the imperfections.

Enhanced them I tell ya’.

Grey Tall Chest YouAreTalkingTooMuch.com 5

I love gray over dark wood.

Can you believe how pretty the original drawer pulls look with this paint?

This transformation was  a great way to get me excited to tackle the next piece.

Get my “groove” back.

I just like saying that.

I hope I can find something to work on around this place.

summer pool 9


Grey Tall Chest YouAreTalkingTooMuch.com 3

So pretty!

Do you have a piece you need to tackle?

With this warm weather, do you need to get your “groove” back?

Like this transformation?

I would love to know.



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