Patio Table Craigslist Find

Are you good at seeing the potential in worn “down and out” items?

Patio table 1

I needed a patio table set.

My budget was tiny…….like under a $100.00, including new cushions…tiny.

I was up to the challenge.

patio table 8

So, I checked on Craigslist.

Remember, that it only takes a can of spray paint sometimes to give us our “wants” at a budget we can afford.

From worn out and rusty……

patio table 9


patio table 3

My striped pillows are a little worn out as well…..but they can be replaced.


But for now…..

patio table 10

Just right at a budget I can afford.

These chairs are soooooo heavy.

What kind of goody would you like to find on Craigslist?

Are you able to see the potential in a worn out piece?

What do you think of my deal?

I would love to know.


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  1. Oh, girl, you just want a good old pat on the back and a well done, high five recognition for being another thrifty women who knows how to stretch a dollar. I love the fact that some people don’t think like us…makes the pickings better for you and me. Blows me away what people can and will discard for new when with a bit of time and effort, they could make what they have serviceable.
    What cocktails are you serving? Martha Stewart has a recipe for making Bloody Mary’s by the pitcher…just a suggestion.

  2. Beee-utiful! You done good! I need a patio set, too. And a high chair for my great-grand son. And living room furniture. And some odds and ends. And stuff. Huh. Many people would say I have enough ‘stuff’. But THAT is in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it?!

    Great job, as usual, girl!! You never disappoint!

  3. You sure have given it a new lease of life and on a reasonable budget too, great work!

  4. What a great find! I’m a firm believer in a can of spray paint, too! It came out very well!

  5. Now THAT is impressive!! Love it!

  6. WOW, Yes i would certainly have seen the potential in that. It is awesome and I love the green and blue colors. You got a whopper of a deal. I am going to check out our craiglist right now. I just came in from the garden and was thinking I needed a new table and chair out there. Congrats on the deal and good eye
    Blessings, Ginger

  7. Wonderful Job!!!! I’m always looking for things on craiglist amd frequent the free section daily. I just found a conversational patio set on there a spray painted. Need new cushions but like you i’ll het those later.

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