Annie Sloan Colors….in a spray paint?

Love the Annie Sloan Colors in her  Chalk paints but don’t love the prices?

stools 14

I feel your pain people.

I love Annie Sloan “Duck Egg”. It is such a creamy, soft color.

And you have to love the ease of chalk paint.

So, I was really tickled to find a VERY similar color……in spray paint.

stools 15

Spray painted bar stools with NON Annie Sloan colors above picture.

Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg, chalk paint on my sofa table in my living room in the below picture.

stools 8

Very similar!

stools 16

Love it?

Well, for $4.00 a can….you can have the similar, creamy, Annie Sloan colors.

spray paint annie sloan color 2 stools 13


A can of spay paint was used on each bar stool. Totally transformed two, totally nasty bar stools from here……

stools 2

To here.

stools 14

Just with spray paint.

Have you been waiting to start your own transformations with the idea that you need better paint? Better brushes?

Stop waiting my friends.

Your transformation is right around the corner.

Do you like the color?

Can you see the similarity?

Are you cheap?

Are you there?

<tap tap>

Seriously, are you there?

I would love to know.



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  1. Stephanie says:

    LOVE!!!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Kristy says:

    Love em!! :)

  3. Gee says:

    I am there!! The Mr and I transformed a beautiful little side table for our GrandBella’s room w/ Valspar spray paint. I luv the look of chalk paint, but the price places it a bit out of my reach for everything. I agree… spray paint gives a wonderful effect, with luvly shades at an affordable price :-)
    Beautiful transformation on the stools.
    Hugs, Gee

  4. Shannon says:

    Yep, I’m here! To funny. Love the color and happy to see you back! :)

  5. Wren says:

    Oh, I’m here! I read you all the time. LOVE your blog. Don’t know why I haven’t commented until today. After a few years of painting everything black, I’m ready to move on and lighten up a bit. Love the look of Annie Sloan paint, but absolutely NOT loving the price. But $4 a can? Well, I can do that!

  6. Lynette says:

    No waxing?

    • Rebecca says:

      I didn’t wax but for resale, I probably will. Just to make sure stain resistant. The finish didn’t feel like I really needed it though, just so you know. I just want it. : )

      • Melissa says:

        What does waxing do/how do you do it? Beautiful chairs, thanks for the info btw!

      • Gloria Tulip says:

        I used a brand name paint (not a chalk paint) on a small chest. I painted, liked the results, but wanted a protection coat on it. I waxed using Annie Sloan wax and the paint came off. Then I repainted those damaged areas and did not put a wax on it.

  7. I’m here! And I LOVE this. Thanks for the tip. I’m going to try it as soon as my broken arm is all healed up :)

  8. I have some of this Valspar spray paint and I would have never thought it to look as good as Annie Sloan. I’ve been wanting some chalk paint but it is pricey. I will have to dig out my spray paint. GREAT JOB!!!!

    Denyse @ Glitter, Glue & Paint

  9. I LOVE that color. I would have to paint everything in my house to match it though. Wanna come over and paint? :) But seriously, I have two barstools that need to be reborn. Thanks for the motivation!

  10. I haven’t waited! I’m using all kinds of stuff (lots of which I mix myself) to paint the furniture I sell. There are so many options out there–you’re only limited by your fear!

  11. Jana says:

    Oh, I absolutely love this color. Putting it on my list of new paint colors to purchase next time I’m in town. I recently acquired two chairs that would look wonderful in it. Thanks so much for posting this info.

  12. I’m totally picking some of this stuff up. Totally.

  13. You are my new best friend. I’m out the door.

  14. Marty Walden says:

    One of my favorite colors, too! I’m pinning so I can remember that paint!

  15. Stacey says:

    <3 the color…I am going to have to check it out! I have missed you…I have been guilty of reading a few posts & not commenting…just so happy to see you back. Congrats on your handsome boy graduating & you getting your grove back-I need to get mine back too! I have painted the last couple of nights on a tiny project in what seems like forever & it has made me so happy and I want MORE!!! So now I need to find something to try out Valspar Flat Lafonda Mirage on!

    • Rebecca says:

      You are so sweet to let me know that as boring as it has been….you have taken the time to read. You are so sweet. Time to get your groove back girlie! Grab a can…see if it jump starts you. XOXO!

  16. Rust N Dust says:

    Love Love Love your living/family room. It really turned out great ! Thanks for the paint discovery too !

  17. Rust N Dust says:

    Forgot to ask you if primer was needed ? Chairs look amazing !

    • Tracey says:

      Those cans of Valspar have the primer built right in. Can’t wait to try that color!! I’m a huge fan of the Robin Egg ASCP…would NEVER have thought to use flat spray paint!

    • Rebecca says:

      No primer! Loved that part as well! Super shiny surface may need a little priming. XOXO!

  18. cheri says:

    I’m here :-)
    Thanks so much for this tip. I love the look of ASCP, but this is much more affordable. I love your blog and read every post! Thanks for sharing so many fun projects with us.

  19. JoAnn Hohl says:

    Love the barstools and the color! Looks like they distressed well. I’ve been using the Valspar Ultra in the super flat that you told us about months ago and its been working well, thanks! Are you still using it.? How do you like it?

  20. Dona says:

    Oooooh, love! But hey, want to say (it rhymes!) it’s really nice to have you back a little more often!! Are you still working?

  21. Debra says:

    Great article and they look BEAUTIFUL. I also love the chalk paint , and as others find it to expensive so I make my own as others do. I am surprised with so many people making their own version of the paint that the prices haven,t come down yet. I am sure they are losing sales due to everyone making their own. Oh well. I want to thank you for the info on the spray paint color, if you happen to find more that match Ann Sloans colors please let us know. Thank you so much for the inspiration on your painting projects.
    Best regards

  22. Peggy says:

    thanks I will try this soon !!!

  23. Jennifer Ozanich says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this!!! I am trying to spruce things up before my sons graduation party and I have so many things to paint!!!! Your chairs turned out wonderfully!!! I have always wanted to try chalk paint and now fore $4.00 I can! Thanks again!!!

  24. Lynette says:

    And there’s no waxing involved?!? clap.clap.clap!! =))

  25. Kathleen Hibben says:

    Love the look! Can I use this on bathroom cabinets? I’m new to this…..I’m guessing you spray paint and then sand paper to get worn look? Thinking of doing bathroom cabinets in black any feed back appreciated :)

  26. Linda says:

    I’m a newbie at painting furniture, bu I love that color and have several pieces that I would love to do! Did you have to sand/rough up the finish on the stained pieces?

  27. Rebecca,
    thanks for the info…can’t wait to try it!

  28. Sharon says:

    Love the look!! Thanks for the info!!

  29. Abby says:

    And how did you distress them, may I ask? I’d love to do something similar. Gorgeous!

  30. Sally says:

    Would really love to know if you did any prep work other than cleaning to these amazing pieces?
    Did you do any sanding pre paint or did you use it just like chalk paint? Clean then go right on to painting. I just discovered your site and I love it.

  31. Sue says:

    I have been drooling over that Anne Sloan chalk paint too. Way too much money for my very tiny budget. Great to know that you can get the same affect and color with Vaspar spray paint. Thanks!

  32. Elaline says:

    Well now I know what I’m doing with an old wooden high chair I picked up at a thrift shop. Thanks for posting! Absolutely love it. I’m wondering how many coats of spray paint you put on and if you used a sealer on top? (not used to working with spray paint) Thanks!

  33. Hi!
    Thanks so much for the wonderful tip! I have used the chalk paint a few times. Lovely results, not a big fan of the price or process. I am beyond thrilled to know about this spray! I am not done until I have painted everything in the house, LOL!! Happy Memorial Day!

  34. Rachel Beal says:

    Thanks for sharing this great paint…it is my new favorite!! I first did an outdoor bistro table to test it out….loved it. Now painted over my nightstands, can’t get enough of this, love, love ,love, Your livingroom is very pretty! Thanks again for sharing!

  35. holly m says:

    Can you still use the Annie Sloan dark wax on top of the spray paint. I want to use it to tone down a red color?

    • Rebecca says:

      I just saw this comment. I am sorry! It was in spam! Whenever you use the dark wax, just make sure you use a clear wax or paste first. Other wise it sticks to the paint. Good luck! XOXO!

  36. lynda says:

    Just posted this on my FB page. Can’t wait to try it!

  37. Jaybird says:

    Yaaayyyy for you!! Thank you so much for the info, I am on my way to Lowes!!

  38. Vicci says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!!! I love ASCP but have been searching for a less expensive paint. First, after reading your post, I got busy with the Valspar Super Flat… SCORE!!! Now I need to get back to Lowe’s and get me some Valspar Color Radiance spray paint. You’re right, painting chairs is so much easier with spray paint than with a brush. Thanks so much for your blog… love it and you!

  39. susan savage says:

    the chairs look great I know so little about this stuff. I am so sick of so many things in my house and i have a dining table and 6 chairs that would match the before bar stools I want it white like your blue and just started looking how to do it. Can you really just spray and not sand and prep coat? Please advise

    thank you so much,

    Susan Savage

    • Rebecca says:

      Hey Susan! You really can. Look for a white in the same brand as my green. Hold the can about six inches back and apply evenly. If it doesn’t seem to adhere because you have a really shiny surface, invest in a can of primer spray paint and then paint. Distress them up after. Have fun with it! You also may want to invest in the $6.00 rustoleum spray nozzle thingy that I use and is in the pics as well. It will make six chairs go quickly! Good luck! I would love to know how it goes. XOXO! Time for a change girlfriend!!!! It is like getting new, for almost FREE!

  40. Diane says:

    Did you prime those chairs first? If so, what did you use?


  41. Sheryl says:


    The spray paint you are talking about using is flat, correct, what about sealing for protection? The flat just doesn’t seem to have a smooth finish and could rub off on clothes if not sealed? Also how did you distress without getting scratchy marks around the distress area?

    Thank you

  42. Melissa says:

    Just used the silver fox color. Love it. Do you know of a gray out there that is similar to this spray paint? I didn’t see a grey in their line at lowes. I love that the primer was built right in. I’m a huge fan of ASCP but didn’t want to hand paint it on. Wish I would’ve used the mirage now that I’ve seen this! I want to redo my dining table & chairs in a gray. Thanks :-)

  43. Kim says:

    I love the Valspar spray paints and that color blue is my favorite. We owned a store that sold beach home decor and I used that color a lot. I am still creating the beach look items for customers, but do not have that type of my decor in my house. I would love to change everything so I could use more of it in here, but that is not in the cards right now. You are very creative. I am happy I found your blog.

  44. Felicia says:

    Can’t wait for my first project with this. I had no idea! Buying some this weekend!!! Thanks for sharing.

  45. Laura says:

    Love the color and the beautiful chairs! It has totally given me some inspiration to do a couple of pieces that I have been holding off on:) One question though…after the distressing, do you need to apply a top coat of any sort?

    • Rebecca says:

      I love finishing all of my pieces with minwax paste. I have used all kinds and been given all kinds to use but I keep going back to minwax. It just is so easy. Rub it on in a circle motion lightly, like you would car wax, let it dry and buff it off. I use old tshirts. I can leave wet glasses on my surface etc and I never have had any issues. Not big puddles of water, mind you, but it just keeps my surfaces showroom quality feeling and durable. Good luck! XO!

  46. penny grieco says:

    oh, wow!!!! i absolutely luv it!!! i really hate the idea of $40 for just a quart of paint…but i am going to try this…i luv the sofa table!! i only have one problem…i am in an apartment with no place to spray…i have done it, and i ended up with paint all over everything…and i mean everything!!! bright red!!! :) so, i will have to do it with paint in a can instead…i have tried valspar on a table, and loved the effect, but i never tried the flat paint…i will now….thank you so much for inspiring me…isn’t it funny how things work out…i was just trying to decide this morning if i should order some ascp and now, thanx to you, i don’t have to….ty so much…

  47. What a lovely blog post, great to see the comparisons :)

  48. Sherry says:

    I love Annie Sloans paint but haven’t been able to splurge on the first can of it. Thank you for the great tip on the flat spray paint! I can now do all those paint projects I have lined up and love the look!

    Blessings, Sherry

  49. Sherice Roberts says:

    Looks great! Is this paint as easy to sand as Annie Sloan’s paint? Did you use her wax on the bar stools?

  50. shama says:

    could you please tell me where do I get this paint from? which store i meant..

  51. nicci says:

    I am just finding this on pinterest. I am wondering what your thoughts are on spray painting a dinning room table and chairs that are dark brown to the color you used or white? Would you just us the spray paint or would you use a primer as well? I saw you mentioned a wax in another comment would you suggest that on the table? I am also thinking of changing my bedroom furniture. Thanks!

    • Rebecca says:

      I think brown base would be fine to paint over. You might want to try primer. Search on my blog for my patio furniture post unless I show on this post my little handy dandy rustoleum spray nozzle. If you are painting furniture, you will want to use that nozzle. It will help you evenly distribute your spray paint. Giving it a smoother finish. I do suggest the wax paste on a table for sure. It will keep it waterproof and sturdier. I am excited for you! Can’t wait to hear how it turns out! Love, Me

  52. hipretty says:

    OMGOMGOMG! I love Duck Egg and have been putting off a redo of my dining room table and chairs (from a completely different era set) for years. They are so mismatched… but I thought if I could just paint them, the shabbiness of them all would make them more cohesive. The cost (!!! ) of the chalk paint has had us living with this eyesore for way too long! I love you for this!!!! TFS!!!!! I am pinning this!

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