Stenciled Outdoor Persian Rug and a SEVEN BLOG GIVEAWAY!




Ever wanted to try stencils because you have seen all of their awesome transformations on Pinterest and the web? Love a Persian rug?

~ I know the feeling.

If you remember my “closet transformation”, you will know that I used a really cool wall stencil and made my closet a little oasis!

I bought that stencil myself.

Out of my own pocket book people. I dug through my receipts, old crumbly granola bars and found my worn out debit card and purchased it.

And I didn’t even tell you about it then because I have been saving up to tell you now!

Because Cutting Edge Stencils offered a group of my “blogger peeps” and I the opportunity to pick out one for FREE!

AND then they gave each of us a $75.00 credit to give to one of you!

Wait until you see which one I picked!


Cutting Edge 6

Can you believe how cool that looks?

Cutting Edge Stencils rocks!

This is their “Indian Inlay” stencil.

Do you remember what this sitting area looked like last summer?

cutting edge stencil 27I thought it looked good then.

Until now!

~ And.No.Lie.

This was one of the EASIEST projects I have ever completed.

For realz.

Here are the few steps it takes to stencil your very own Persian rug.

cutting edge stencil 8

If you have been around my blog you know…….

I don’t really do sponsored posts.

Which is why I bought a stencil myself to try out before I told you guys about Cutting Edge…….

And I would buy one again.

It just takes a stencil and a few other items to complete your own transformation.

 cutting edge stencil 18

Here is the sponsored part of my post:

Upon opening up your new Cutting Edge Stencil you will see  that they offer awesome video tutorials and step by step instructions!

~I ignored them and just followed the picture.


Bet they never pick me again.

But seriously, it was that easy!

 cutting edge youaretalkingtoomuch 6

I literally just followed the picture on the package.

I taped it onto the concrete, right next to my work area and used a paint brush with my stencil. I used the adhesive spray and it really helped with no “bleeding” of the paint.

The pattern is in pieces and you can get creative or follow one of their great tutorials.

cutting edge stencil 10

I even changed up my pattern a tad because I wanted more of my blue to show.

cutting edge stencil 14

One thing I noticed in my closet wall stencil and on my cabana outdoor rug…..

When you stencil, your little imperfections and mistakes do not really show.


Ok. ‘Nough said.

Now you have a chance to try them for free.allbloggiveaway

~ Actually SEVEN chances.         I am teaming up with six other great bloggers and we are ALL offering a $75.00 giveaway to Cutting Edge Stencils!

You can enter at all SEVEN blogs!

SEVEN blogs. SEVEN ways to win. SEVEN awesome stencil projects!

You can even increase your chances to win by “sharing”, “pinning”, “tweeting”…. there are all kinds of great ways!

Enter here and check out all SEVEN transformations and fun ways to use the stencils!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!


Visit and enter at the other blogs below!


Which stencil is your favorite?

What do you think of my outdoor Persian rug?


I hope so, because I will be re-using my stencils and making matching rugs for a few other areas!

How would you use your stencil?

I would love to know!



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  1. Will you please come to my house and make me a little outdoor oasis??? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!

  2. This is one amazing makeover! I love it!

  3. Your sitting area is beautiful. The painted rug really added a lot of bang! And of course, I’m a sucker for navy and white.

  4. Yay for you! It looks great! And I would love to win just so I can show Debbie ReFresh that I CAN do it!

  5. I love your stenciled rug! You are so GOOD! I need to win this…I have been wanting to order one for a wall in our living room…got the hubby all talked in to letting me stencil the wall (that took a while) and I even know which one I want!!!

    I miss you…I know you are super busy but I miss posts from you!

  6. Mary Milnarich says:

    love the rug. I have to try and paint my patio. What a beautiful job!!!!!!!!!!

  7. That has to be one of the best rug stencil jobs I’ve seen. Gonna pin it. Makes me almost want to give it a try… almost.

  8. This is absolutely stunning! I am super jealous of your fabulous patio!

  9. This rug makes this a perfectly cozy space! You did a great job, and I love the blue and white!

  10. GORGEOUS!!! I’d be afraid to step on that work of art. I also use the spray adhesive and I LOVE my orange rubber paint gallon pour spout.

    I’m inspired!!

  11. HUGE improvement without the huge table. I agree the round table is great in there; I think a glass one would negatively change the cozy vibe. Once you get things on the wall, it’ll be great. The 2 wing chairs are perfect in the room, as are all 6 chairs. It’s not crowded. I’m a blue & white person, too. Wanna come do over one of my rooms in CT? Any room. They all need it desperately.

  12. Henna design says:

    Love this project. what type of colors did you use to paint the concrete?

    • I will post my colors! I actually was committed to spending zero dollars and used paint I had but DANG….that blue popped didn’t it? Plus easy coverage. I will share a better post that shares more details ! Stick around and thank you so much for asking. I am not evading your question btw, I have to peel the paint drips off the name of the color on my paint can. LOL! XOXO!

  13. OK …hold on a minute! I have two problems…1. This means you are one of those folks that went to the cutting edge factory on that bloggers get together..right? That means I’m jealous of you! 2. I was following you once and something happened so I missed ALL KIND OF GOOD STUFF! I blame Google + for everything…as everyone knows by now!
    I already told you on HT that this is STUNNING but you can hear it again…unless your head will swell…then plug your ears.
    I hate to be a big fat copycat but I think I would do a rug too ….. If I had a stencil that is…..

    • Rein that green eyed monster back in. I am still plain ole me and did not get an invite to the factory with the awesome group that went. Let me know if you miss anymore updates! Stick around! Copy away! Isn’t that what I am doing ? Copying? You can copy whatever you want! XOXO!

  14. Karen kolander says:

    I love, love, love what you did with that stencil! The blue you chose is magnificent. I can see a whole new look for my backyard gazebo area. Floaty curtains with that as a border to match the canvas rug or even right on the wood deck. or white on white would be so, so pretty on a sheer. Wow, the possibilities 🙂 Thank you for hosting such a cool giveaway and, more importantly, thank you for sharing such cool ideas. Happy thoughts, kk

    • I have dropcloth curtains that I wanted to put back up so badly but it was pouring rain and our pollen season. They will go back up soon! Good luck! XOXO!

  15. Rose Schneider says:

    That is beautiful. I really want to try my hand at stenciling now.

    • Do! I have a link to the stencil I did in my closet. Check it out. That was a “little” more complicated but I think because you are on a wall vs. flat on the ground. Cutting Edge’s tutorial and little level that attaches to wall stencils made it so much easier! Good luck! XOXO!

  16. Justina Wilson says:

    Love love love this idea was trying to think of what to put out in my soaked sunroom. See if it rains hard the floor gets wet from the angle. So putting down a rug not the greatest idea so THANK YOU LOOKING FOR SUNROOM BEAUTIFULNOW!

    • It is sturdy in the rain! : ) It was pouring rain when I took my pics. LOL! I had to keep trying to dry with beach towels and I was standing out in the rain taking with a bag on my head! Bet you wouldn’t have guess that? LOL! Good luck! XOXO!

  17. I love this …I have been looking for a rug pattern to pain on my two porches right in front of the doors..this would be perfect…Thanks

  18. This looks amazing! I have featured your blog on this on my tip of the day tutorial on Facebook. Come visit us at

  19. Love the rug stencil.

    One question: what was your method for keeping the lines straight? I love this stencil, but I’m use to using stencils that have guide marks (thus preventing my lines shifting up/downhill).


  20. I have to try this, can you tell me what paint you have used as i am worried it would chip off thankyou

  21. Barb white says:

    Where did you get the base rug. I love this even before the stencil but so much more after.

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