More closet organization tips!

More closet organization tips!

Have you ever seen a great idea on Pinterest or on a blog and tried it but found out although it looked cool, it didn’t really work?

That is what I wanted to do with my closet. Try my ideas out for a bit. See if they really worked or not. If they did, I share them with you. If they didn’t, I find a way that works.

So, here are a few more closet organization ideas that are actually working for me.

Remember my budget of $0.00. I stuck to it and everything I used you could either purchase for less than $5.00 or you will have something laying around you can substitute.

Closet organization for boot Storage

Who can remember the pitiful way I stored my boots before? Remember how if they are not taken care of they can crack or lose shape?

No problem with that anymore.

Pool noodles in the boots.

YouAreTalkingTooMuch Closet Organizers 2

This cheap trick actually works great. I thought I invented the idea until my daughter reminded me that she had shown me before and I had actually “pinned” it. Dang it.

I had pool noodles left over from last year. If you do not have these, you can get them at the Dollar Tree. I totally purged my boots to the ones actually wear. I do NOT miss the other ones I was holding onto. For your noodle, you simply cut the noodle to the desired length and then I cut my noodle “open”. I just ran my scissors down the hollow circle to let the noodle open up a bit more. Someone has probably already been bright enough to figure that out as well. Dang it again….

I was at TJMaxx yesterday and saw cute boot “forms”(?) there for 16.99 for 2. That was at TJ Maxx and it was supposed to be a good deal? You can’t beat a dollar a pool noodle, peeps! I got about 6 forms from two noodles. You don’t really need them as long as I cut them. You can see that some of my noodles are a little shorter than others and the boots stay up just fine.

closet organization at 5

I tried a few places for my boots and because I am busy/lazy. A few of my ideas didn’t work.ย  I needed a place that I would actually put them back. Right up against the wall and out in the open was the easiest place for me. When I am using a pair of boots, I slide the un-used noodles under my coats, there on the left.

Boot storage success!

Closet Organization for extra gift storage

Previously in my “messy” before, I stored “gifts” that I buy in bulk when a great deal, or for upcoming bdays etc, in a box that I slid under my clothes. It always jutted out and looked messy.

Who remembers our sock bunnies? Extra bunny turned gift plus some other goodies.

closet a

Now, neat and tidy. Hidden away and in an antique picnic basket that I barely used and had stored in my downstairs pantry.

YouAreTalkingTooMuch Closet Organizers 1


The flat tops of picnic baskets are actually great for stacking. I have another one around here somewhere that I intend to use and stack on top of this one.

Quck and funny story about the basket. I was finishing up my closet on Super Bowl Sunday. I was making Super Bowl fun foods for my son who was attending a Super Bowl party a friend was having.ย  I was in my pantry and I saw the picnic basket and being a multi-tasking woman, the idea hit me that it would be perfect for storage in my closet. I grabbed it and pulled it out into the kitchen. I continued making Super Bowl foods and my 17, almost 18 year old son, walked in the kitchen to check on the progress of the “sloppy joe biscuit cups” that he had requested. He immediately saw the big, antique, picnic basket and his face registered fear/shock/panic as he assumed this was part of his party food planning.

I saw his face and saw him looking at the basket and knew instantly what he was thinking. I was cracking up on the inside and couldn’t even get a word out before I immediately heard, “MOM, I AM NOT TAKING MY FOOD IN THAT PICNIC BASKET TO MY PARTY.”

I did what any good, caring mother would do….

I made him think he had to.

I sternly said, “Deej, that basket is a collectors item. I can PROMISE you that all the people at your party will think it is super cool and your food will fit perfectly becuase it is so deep!” I then went over to the basket and opened it up and said, “Look! You can even fit a blanket and other fun items in it at the same time!”

Before I could even look up to see his face, he began almost…almostalmost getting to the panic/I’m going to get discrespectul stage and was struggling to keep his cool and telling me how he appreciated me making his food but he would NOT take it in that basket.

I started laughing so hard and let him know that it was not going to be attending his party and was for my closet.

It just cracked me up that #1. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for me to find a closet organization basket and my son think it was for his party and #2. I’m such a weird over-board mom that my son would actually think I might make him take a big, old, little-red-riding-hood-looking picnic basket to a teenager’s Super Bowl Party.

Funny joke but Bless.His.Heart.

Closet organization for extra purse or laptop bag storage

Little sticky hooks that are removable are perfect to use in your closet for all kinds of items. One extra item that I have is bags that I pull out often to carry my laptop and other misc. files for work.

YouAreTalkingTooMuch Closet Organization 2

One last funny story. This brown bag is apparently a “Tory Burch” bag. I believe it is a FAKE Tory Burch bag.

I had no clue it was a fake or real Tory bag and bought it new at a yard sale. A lady wanted $15.00 telling me it was some kind of name brand bag, I said no way and said I would do $10.00. (It was the perfect size for my laptop or I would never have spent 10.00!) So, I offered $10.00 with two other bags she was selling as well, lumping them all together for a better deal. She loved that idea and I got my fake/maybe real Tory bag for $10.00 plus two other cute purses for $5.00 each (apparently Coach or fake Coach) that I gave to my daughter.

That is not the story. Sorry….stick with me here. You will want to hear this.

So, I went to the Southern Bloggers Conference. There was a lady there, not attending the conference and the day earlier, Iย  had “inside of my head” admired her Tory Burch shoes. She was SOOOOOOOO classy looking. The next day I saw her as I was getting on the elevator with Jessica from Mom4Real, (Jessica is super funny and fun to hang with btw). I said to the pretty, classy lady as the door shut us all in the elevator, “I love your Tory Burch boots! I noticed your shoes yesterday!”

She reacted as any classy, rich, woman that wears Tory Burch would and graciously thanked me and then said…….

“I love your Tory Burch bag. I noticed it yesterday as well.”

To which I did what any poor, blogging, yard sale shopping, woman would do and said, “What Tory Burch bag?”

To which she pointed to my yard sale briefcase and I added my exclaiming, “OH MY GOSH! I GOT THIS AT A YARD SALE, IS IT TORY BURCH!!!!?????”

Please add the sound effects of donkeys hee hawing, dukes of hazzard horn blowing, and any other redneck sounds as I excitedly started grabbing at my laptop bag and blabbering how I spent ten dollars that I would NEVER spend and how if you combine offers, many people go lower on prices….and on and on and on and on……..

It still haunts me how the gracious lady made a hasty exit as soon as the elevator doors opened.

I could only have ended it with more redneck emphasis by doing the “Hey lady! Fore’ you leave…..Pull my finger!”

I didn’t.

But as for the rambling……now you understand the title of my blog.

A curse for years.

Mom4Real stuck with me….thank goodness and I have tried to block out this memory, which usually pops up at night when it is so hard to stop thinking about it…….

All of that to say.

The bag storage on the stickie hookie, works great.

Closet Organization 3

But sometimes, I talk too much.

You’re welcome.

So, do any of these ideas work for you?

Would you use the picnic basket or pool noodle idea?

Would you have stuck with me at the conference if I would have humiliated you with my Jeff Foxworthy impression?

I would love to know!




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  1. OMG – I was laughing so hard at the elevator story! So hilarious! I love the basket of gifts idea. I have mine all over the place and that would be a great way to organize them and hide them!

  2. You have the best stories! I bet that elevator lady got her Tory Burch shoes and boots at a yard sale, too, but she was too “fancy” to admit it.

  3. Dolly King says:

    I would stick with you just to see what you do next. You had my rofl this morning. Great way to start the day.

  4. Oh my gosh! I laughed so hard at this. Who would have known that there was another woman in the world that blurts out things like that. The other day a woman said “I love your skirt!”. I should have said “thank you!” and left it at that, but nooooooo….”75 cents at Goodwill! It’s not yours is it?! (Insert all of your aforementioned redneck gee haws etc). She looked at me like I had two heads! “Hi, I’m Wren and I talk too much…” ;0)

  5. I have been waiting for dollar tree to get in some pool noodles for my boots too. I was thinking about wrapping a piece of fabric around and stuffing it in the hole just to make them more attractive. What do you think??!

  6. a. I added the Dollar Store to my to do list today (for the noodles) so I can get out my old antique cowboy boots and display them righteously, and,

    b. I would’ve peed my pants laughing at you if I were in the elevator with you, thereby embarassing you more.

  7. Years ago I complimented a judge I worked for on her boots. She paused, looked over her glasses at me & told me the name of the store where she purchased them & followed with, “they are quite comfortable but you can’t afford them”. OUCH! About 6 weeks later I went to that store, knowing they were having a great sale & found the same boots at a ridiculously low price & bought them. I wore them when I saw her next & said, “Judge you were right about 1 thing, these boots certainly are comfortable”. I never saw her wear those boots again.

  8. Reb, you are hilarious! Why didn’t you share this with the rest of us earlier? I’ll bet the classy lady was duly impressed with your tight embroidered t-shirt LOL! You are a deal seeker, and I love that about you! By the way, I think you were talking too much ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Well, now I need a couple pool noodles. How smart even if it wasn’t your idea.

  10. I thought YOU were super cute and classy at the conference!! Especially when you drove over to pick me up at The Container Store! Some of my best bags have come from yard sales…and they have all been real, so wear your bag with pride!

  11. I loved the elevator story! I am a big time garage sale shopper, and I can’t accept a compliment on something without saying, “Thanks, I got i for $3 at a garage sale!” It just slips out because I’m so excited about it. Also, I love that tan bag — Tory Burch or not! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. You are cracking me up! And mostly because I suffer.from.the.same.affliction!
    Going into church Sunday, the greeter says I like your blouse/top- whatever she said- as she was handing out the programs, and I have to say- “I got it at the Thrift Store” and she is like “Well I love it” and I said “I didn’t have to tell that, did I?” as my Mr. CL is practically pushing me in the doorway! Helloooo I do it too!!! Just blab blab blab! haha!!! My daughters used to ask me (in the grocery store for ex.) “Why do you talk to everybody?” When they were younger I would say because Moms like for other Moms to talk to them because they don’t have an adult to talk to all day long- if they are at home with their kids like I was mostly. But as they grew up and we shopped- they are thinking- yep- she still does it- talks to everyone in line! I say- “people like to discuss the great buys they are getting when they are in line at the Thrift store, right???” or a number of other reasons I come up with for talking to everyone!

    See I have rambled and rambled- I will probably be blocked from your blog now!!! LOL!
    Really enjoyed it though!
    Curtain Lady Design

    • YOU are cracking ME up! We would be bad news together! Or we would have a blast? XOXO Reb ; )

    • Rust N Dust says:

      My sons tell me the same thing.Mom, you talk to anyone ! I will be visiting with someone and they’ll say ” Did you know her “? I reply, no why ? LOL

      • We went with friends to New York City. We had been sight seeing and shopping and grabbed a cab. My friends and husband were getting settled into the cab, while I told the driver where we were headed, got his rates etc. I turned to them after they had all settled into the car and arranged our “stuff” where it needed to go and said…..”Wow, our driver moved here from blah blah. He lives in an apt with rent that is “fixed” so he only pays $600.00 a month compared to his neighbors that are paying $2100.00. He moved here because his son is sick and he can get better medical care.” My friends and husband just stared at me. My friends husband said, “You learned all of that when we were getting in the car?” Yep……sometimes I do talk too much. ; ) XOXO! Reb

  13. Rust N Dust says:

    I just love your blogs…..keep up the good work. You are the best. Headed to Dollar Tree for my noodles. Thanks for a good times ! Sher

    • Hey Sher! Question….did you really get your noodles? Believe it or not, mine are really working for me. Easy to do and not something that I don’t follow through with. I also feel like I am taking care of my boots! XOXO! Rebecca

  14. haha. I like you! ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. I’m laughing so hard at the elevator story that I just blew snot bubbles out of my nose! My husband is staring at me wondering what’s wrong and my dogs all walked out of the room because I’m laughing/screaming so loud! Best story EVER!

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