Closet Organization Reveal!

My closet was purged, re-organized and now….well……

Let’s just say, I added some “bling” to it.

Closet Organization 41


I have not spent one single cent on my closet organization.


I even went out to get masking tape but couldn’t because I told you all I would be spending ZERO dollars.

You can thank me.

Unless you want the masking tape after I tell you what I did instead……

Closet Organization 44

So….getting rid of stuff…..

And spending zero and committing to NO NEW STUFF.


Closet Organization 45

And if you are wondering if you will miss your old stuff that you are hanging on to…..

You wont.

Closet Organization 43

You will just be ready to get rid of “more stuff”.

I don’t know…..maybe it’s just a big deal to me and you all can’t tell the difference.

Let’s go back to the “Place I do not speak of”………

organizing your closet at 10

organizing your closet at 4

I can honestly tell you that letting go of “stuff”, let’s go of “stuff”.

Closet Organization 42

It . Will. Change. You.

Are you ready?

Like this change?

I will share some of the details this week on my closet organization and  what I used to stick to my ZERO dollar pledge.

Now…..don’t make me feel like a loner people and talk to me.

I shared my crap…..I purged my stuff…..I made a change.

What do you think so far?

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!



PS. You thought I was so busy I wasn’t doing anything didn’t you? Nope. I just didn’t have time to blog it. Time to catch up peeps!

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  1. Lou Ann Newell says:

    I love how you have done your closet. I do not have a big closet and it needs alot purged out of it. I have coats that I have not worn in years and clothes that I will never wear again! Time to let it go. I just have to find the time to do it. Everything is too full and like they say you only wear about twenty percent anyways! Now, with both children married and moved out it is time to tackle closets. Some of their stuff is still here but it will be moved to less expensive real estate. I am taking back the closets and dresser!!! LOL!! Wish me luck I have alot of cleaning out to do!

  2. Check it out! This looks fantastic and I love how you didnt spend any money you just revamped what you had. Love the wallpaper behind I really want to do that to one of my cupboards, Iv wallpapered the outside of the cupboard doors but not the back wall. Very tempted now!

  3. Such good organization, I love seeing how everyone organizes whether it is closets or cabinets, it’s always inspirational.

  4. loving all your clearing out and cleaning up. I’ve been working on getting rid of stuff stored in boxes/cabinetss/garage. Just getting rid of old copies of Romantic Home is like pulling teeth! I’ve taken a pledge to cut down on magazines coming in the house. Next I will move to the closet in the master, but seeing those fabulous purses of yours makes me think I need a new purse (of course I’ll pass on the old one). Can you tell me what brand those purses are?

  5. Your closet looks fantastic! I purged when I retired last August, and I can tell you that not only do I NOT miss what I purged, but I’m ready to purge lots more. I just don’t need all that “stuff” any more.

  6. I think you did a fantastic job on your closet and congradulate you on your purge! Makes you feel like you can breathe, doesn’t it? You did great.

  7. Oh! Girl! You did an awesome job!! I am impressed beyond words!!

  8. rebecca, this is just an awesome transformation! i was waiting for your reveal 🙂 and i am not disappointed 🙂 i love the bling and is that a wallpaper or a stencil on your wall?


  9. I love it and can not wait til you give us the rest of the story….I need to do this this week and stop putting it off just afraid to let stuff go for fear I will wish I had it back. I have done that before. When I purge I really purge. Haha, thanks for the great inspiration and I am going to follow you to get more great free tips! Everyone needs free now adays.

  10. I needed to see this, I need to get rid of stuff!!! Love it!

  11. You have inspired me! I’ve been working on mine the last couple of weeks. It’s a little (lot) overwhelming so I have been breaking down the tasks into daily goals. I’m almost there. 🙂

  12. Great job, Rebecca!!! I’m inspired to attack mine now … thank you! (LOVE the bling you added!)

  13. Wow, you did a great job here Rebecca! It is hard to organize if you have a big closet just like what you have here…I might now have a try on my messy closet. Hope that it will turn out good.

    • I know it will. This big closet was a “catch all” for everything. I now am trying to use it for storage for other areas that need more storage. Linens, etc. XOXO! Rebecca

  14. Rebecca, it’s a.w.e.s.o.m.e.!! My closet is about 6′ long and only deep enough for one row of hangers for hubs and me. We did some serious purging. Our son’s closet is smaller than ours and he doesn’t like to let go of things just because they’re 4 sizes too small, so it’s still a work in progress. So far from various places in our house, we’ve taken a dozen of the big, black, heavy-duty lawn and leaf bags to the thrift store closest to us, which happens to be run by the company that supplies our son’t adults with autism supports. And we’re not done!!

  15. Your closet is awesome. It looks HUGE! And very lovely.

  16. My house was built in 1928 when people had less clothes and it was built as a summer beach house so that there was little storage included. We have two small walk in closets that are full to the brim. We both have clothes in the attic, in the garage, under the bed, in the linen closet and in a hallway cabinet. I recently counted 50 sweaters just in the hallway cabinet. I think we could get rid of half and not miss it.

    You closet looks so organized now.

  17. My closet says I’m a crazy hoarder who shoves stuff inside and closes the door and hopes nobody enters! Your closet is enormous – and those Frye boots – don’t even get me started girl!!

  18. Looks way better 🙂 Great idea using those swimming pool things to keep your boots upright. I’m going to have to try that trick too.

  19. Ok, come organize and decorate my closet now! 🙂

  20. Oh my gosh… closet looks exactly like this….your PRE-pics of course!! I must do something about it!! 🙂 Stopping on over from Debbie’s pinning share. Love you site…and am following on fb too!

  21. Nothing like a good purge!! The new space looks so sleek and glam 🙂 I bet you just love it now. Wonderful job!!

  22. Hi so I came across this on Pinterest and I loveeeeee. But what did u use on the plastic drawers I have like 4 sets and hate how they look but love yours… Jw is it just spray paint??

    • Hey Alissa! I am so happy you found me! Stick around girlfriend! Here is the post showing you what spray paint I used. I truly used spray paint. I did however use clear packing tape on the portion of the drawer where it slides in and out to avoid the spray paint from scratching off. No problems! Go have fun with yours. XOXO!

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