Organizing your closet. (What does your closet say about you?)

Do you have a New Years Resolution of organizing your closet or other spaces?

For many years I worked as a personal consultant, organizing and structuring small businesses and individuals.

Their belief was that my own home must be perfectly neat, tidy and organized.

I have a confession.

organizing your closet at 4


Live pic from this morning.

My closet is the only place in my house that I know people don’t really see.

And I can pretend that the disorganization and disarray doesn’t bother me.

But it does.

Whenever I go assist someone in organization the first step is always to ask the question…….

“Why is there an issue?”

Regretfully, disorganization or hoarding can sometimes be a “reflective” issue.

You may need to work on your whole home, an office, a garage but the questions with how to begin on organizing your life or space will always need to start with…..”Why is there an issue?”

organizing your closet at 10

This window into my “inner” secrets with my closet, made me face some serious issues.

When I asked myself this question of why my closet is really an issue……here is what I have come up with.

1. Fear of needing items – My weight has fluctuated. I have about 4 sizes represented and I am afraid of letting go of items because I am not sure where my weight is going to land.

2. Fear of admitting I may not be able to live as my smaller self. – What do I mean by that? A majority of my wardrobe was in my “tiny, tiny weight” life. I may have to face the fact that I had this “stage” of life but it wasn’t a healthy stage and I may not be able to maintain that weight in a healthy manner. Letting go of the smaller clothes drastically reduces my wardrobe and admits I do not believe I can be that small again.

3. Guilt. There were times in my life when money wasn’t a big issue. Clothes were my only “allowed” benefit. Clothes were therapeutic for me.ย  I spent on clothes and had the wardrobe to prove it. Letting go of items knowing what they cost leaves me feeling guilty about so much waste during an excessive and painful time in my life.

So…I asked the question and have to face that I am having to address, fear and guilt.

My next steps will be facing my real and healthy weight and size and letting go of clothes that are not in that size.

It will also be letting go of guilt and moving on. Clothes are just a visual reflection of the guilt of excess spending. I have faced that wasteful period, so, am I going to let it control me or change from it? Holding onto these items only tells myself that they do have control over me and remind my kids that excess is ok.

It isn’t ok. I’m letting go.

closet organization at 9

Oh. Crap.

But they’re so cute!

Ok, for real, I’m letting go.

Oh. Crap.Again.

Are you ready to tackle your “space” that needs organized with me?

Are you even there?

Did you all run away from your computer screaming and covering your children’s eyes?

If you have your own spaces that need organized. Stick with me. I will show you some secrets and tips as I start in my own life and my closet. I have some great ways of organizing your closet and will share what works and what doesn’t.

These tips will ONLY work if you address the issues first of why you have a messy and unorganized space to start with.

So….start thinking peeps!

Do you have a messy closet?




What space needs to be addressed with you?

Let me know.

I shared my crap. Now spill yours.



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  1. My closet said that I was a messy, unorganized, borderline Hoarder! But no more… the new year motivated me to finally deal with it and I’m hoping that literally airing my dirty laundry for the world to see will help me keep it a fun and happy space. Can’t wait to see what you do with your space (love that dresser, btw)!

    • Dang girl… been talking to my closet? Because it was saying the same thing! Your closet makeover? GORGEOUS! Inspiring and thank you for sharing in comments. I zipped over there immed. and checked it out. Feel free to leave a link here! XOXO! REbecca

  2. hi Rebecca! there are days that one of my closets are like this too ๐Ÿ™‚ i really, really, really, really try my best to keep it organized…this post is really inspiring to start fresh! and I want to wish you luck and i cannot wait to see the outcome!


    • I always have the best intentions as well….so, I’m tired of it ending up like this every time! Ready to find out why and change it? Good luck with your changes! XOXO! Rebecca

  3. Suzette Roberts says:

    Thanks for sharing this! My closet looks this way…and unfortunately my house is heading that way as well…I can relate to the answers to your question “Why is there an issue?” I appreciate your sharing because I read several organizing, mama, and home decor blogs and so many times come away with the idea that you are all perfect, living in perfect homes with perfect families and how can I ever be that organized and put together? Thanks, again! ๐Ÿ™‚ Now off to sort through our closets! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Mary Beth Schwarz says:

    Like you, I am working on y closet as well as other spaces. Since our weight has changed, it is hard to let the smaller sizes go, but think of it as releasing the clothes to someone who can wear them now before they are too out of date. I read Dressing Your Truth and am a Type 2, so there are some clothes that do not feel quite right for me now. It took years to figure out that I like romantic furniture/decorating and clothes. You are doing a fine job with your closet. I am keeping comfortable items and looking forward to a lighter new year with an organized closet! So many items I was not wearing, but they had looked ok in the stores. In blessing someone else with them I will fell better and have some space for the things I love. I look forward to seeing more of your efforts! MB

    • You are so right and I have heard about the “Dressing Your Truth”. I need to check that out! I am excited for you! We shall tackle this together! XOXO! Reb

  5. I have the clothes don’t fit but might someday (in my dreams) clothes too. Time to fess up and toss it out. Hey, that just leaves new stuff to buy – trying to look at the bright side here!

    How I wish I had my own pair of vintage Frye boots in my closet – those I would never give up (thank goodness shoes always fit)!

    I”m on a cleaning spree too – started with a drawer – hey baby steps!

  6. You must have been reading my mind when you did this post! I have already begun the process of getting rid of stuff (took a HUGE load to Goodwill yesterday) but I know there is so much more that needs to go! I am excited to see what you have to teach us. And I admire that you can be real with us…I don’t know that I could be that brave! I have missed you…your posts keep me laughing & touch my heart at the same time!

    • Stacey! You have already started ! HUGE! I hope some tips help and I think I have my schedule sort of figured out and will be able to post more now! Love when you comment! XOXO! Reb

  7. You’re a brave, brave woman…but you’re not alone. Especially in the multiple sizes stored, just in case.

    We are in transistion from old house and storage spaces to new, smaller house and no storage. It’s taking longer than expected, but some goes each week. I really need to clear out the kitchen and get rid of excess so necessary stuff will fit. Hoping you’ll tackel this area soon!

  8. Denise B. says:

    I have been purging things out of my closet also. I noticed that I bought many shirts way too big for me. It’s like I was trying to hide my body or something. So out with the baggy shirts and pants an in with something that fits. There in lies the problem, my clothes are too big. I don’t know if I will ever be the weight I was before I got sick. Trouble is, I can’t find clothes small enough to fit, without spending too much money. Think very thrifty….So I donate to Goodwill and then try to find smaller ones that fit! I have already tackled the Tupperware cupboard and have a whole garbage bag ready to go to Goodwill. I am purging, and it feels so good ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ok…one thing I found out was that I could get my “big” clothes altered for way less than buying new. You may want to try that. Especially favorite pieces! Oh. Dear. Did you have to mention the Tupperware cupboard? Mine is awful! Next up! XOXO! Reb

  9. The first step is admitting you have a problem… “Hi, I’m Rebecca and I am the owner of a messy closet.” Ready to see the end result!!! This has been a long time coming, momma!

  10. Jamie Rowe says:

    I love when bloggers show real pictures of their house. This pic looks like pretty much my whole house. We moved from a 2 story (+basement) house with a garage to a small ranch with no basement and no garage. We have no storage and have 2 young kids. I am being buried alive by toys. I have been giving away toys the kids don’t play with and taking a trip to Ikea soon for some storage.

    • Whole house is tough! I used to be the same way! Start in sections! Don’t get sidetracked. Start small and don’t buy storage items until you see what you can move from another area for storage. It will help you in de-cluttering the next section of your house! Good luck, if you want to give me some honest photos of your most embarrassing area…..(I will keep private) then a few photos of other areas. I can give you an outsiders opinion of what might work. XOXO! Reb

  11. Well, you’ve given me something to think about. I need to reflect on why my office is so messy. Perpetually so. Messy life? Taking on too much? I’m thinking….

    • Thinking is first! Way to go. ; ) Truly it is…..then planning. I tend to ignore what overwhelms…….ugh…that sometimes gives me a messy office. Not a good thing! I know you will find out “Why your space has an issue.” XOXO! Reb

  12. Karen Morris says:

    My closet has 5 sizes and is overflowing. I also have about 10 large Tupperware tubs of clothes stored in the shed. The problem is……my weight fluctuates a lot. I go through spells of intense exercising, loose weight, and then get too busy, stop exercising, and gain weight again. I don’t want to part with my small or large clothes; I really wear them all. But… closet ( and shed) are so bad it’s embarrassing and it makes me a nervous wreck. What to do????

    • I think…..I think…..if we go to the first question we ask ourselves, “Why are there issues with this space?”, you already know your answer. I feel your pain on the weight fluctuation! I am short….15 to 25 pounds is 4 or 5 sizes! This is the deal though. What weight is where you “live”….where you want to “live”? Intense exercising is great but will you “live” that way? Don’t keep stuff….”stuff” for stages in your life, unless you plan to change your life and “live” there. Can you maintain a mid or healthy weight without starving or becoming a tri-athlete? You need to look at what is your “realistic” weight. I am parting with my super tiny clothes, because this is not my “realistic” weight. I look great with a mid weight and need to accept that. I will keep a few pieces of my larger wardrobe for emergency weight gain, but keeping too much just makes it easy to stay bigger. I don’t want that. You made the statement that your “hoarding” (ugh! that is really what it is) is embarrassing and making you a nervous wreck….you didn’t say your weight gain is. Get rid of the misery! Choose to NOT be embarrassed or humiliated anymore by your mess. Let it go………….get rid of containers! It’s time to pre-purge and purge my friend! I am proud of you! You have done what many can’t. Admitted an issue! XOXO! Rebecca

  13. My closet and pantry is badly cluttered right nowโ€ฆI have tamed lot of unusable stuff from years.I think, I need to be regular into the habit of purging/donating things.I think this will really help me win over clutter.thanks a lot foe this fabulous post I really enjoyed reading and would take inspiration to organize my home cleverly.

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