My blogging nook

It started out with me not going to bed until 2 or 3am every night. Well, technically, every morning.

I knew that blogging at night and staying on the lap top was keeping my mind wide-awake, which was why I wasn’t able to get to sleep.


It was also keeping me from time to “wind-down” with my hubby at night.

Our time to talk and watch our favorite re-runs after everyone else was asleep. Seriously, TALK. I’m not talking about any other stuff.

Anyways…we were missing our wind down time.

He didn’t complain. I just missed it.

He would fall asleep and I would still be pecking away at my keyboard.

I was also tired throughout the day and I knew I needed a change.

I need a separate space to blog.

A place of inspiration.

A place with a view.

A place OUT of my bed.

Who knew?

The space had been there all the time.

I have always loved this view from my room.

I can see my ivy covered chimney and surrounding treetops. It’s almost like sitting in a tree house.

A house in the trees…….


creating a blogging space at

Everything fell together.

Things I already had.

Colors and pieces were complimenting each other wonderfully.

My yard Sale table that turned into an island, then turned into a hall table that now had turned into a desk…..exactly right!

My “pinch pleated” Craigslist drapes and sheers were perfect!

My $15.00 Craigslist vintage, velvet chair fit perfectly.

My Craigslist bed and linens and transformed bedside, candlestick lamps were all working with me.

It was like the space and pieces had been there forever.

A blend of textures, patterns and colors. My favorite!

A perfect space.

And last night as bed time/blog time neared, my (NEW) Ralph Lauren TJ Maxx lamp that I shared with you on instagram warmed this spot and welcomed me.

Beckoned me.

I plugged in my laptop to the little charger cord that I had hidden under the lamp……..

I felt like a blogging genius.

I could feel my E-Book getting ready to spring forth!


And I sat in my antique, velvet Craigslist chair.

And sank…..

Like literally…..


My chin reaches the top of my desk.

For real.

The vintage seat is a little “droopy”.

And my head just comes to the top of the desk.

But the space was so perfect!

The colors were so unreal!

I had to make this work!

I pondered this thought as my chin rested on my desk………

So, I shifted my position in the chair, where my bottom was scraping the floor and looked outside the dark window with the warm reflection of lamp light.

I could make this work!

And as I gazed out the window…..

My thoughts settled……..

Settled into thoughts that I really couldn’t see outside in the dark.

All I saw was the reflection of my face. From the chin up.

And that after just watching part of Halloween on AMC, that there could be a soccer mask wearing weirdo standing outside in the woods right now.

Staring.Right. At. ME!

Well from the chin up.

And because I couldn’t see outside….. I wouldn’t even know it…….


I avoided starting at the window as I quickly shut down my laptop and hauled myself up from the depths of the velvet chair.

My hubby was so impressed that I wrapped up my blogging time so quickly!

And now….well, I am bloggingย  this morning, comfortably, from the safety of my bed.

So, could I have shared just the beauty of this space?

Of course.

But sometimes life isn’t a magazine.

At least here anyways.


Although, I do LOVE my space.

I have a few things to tweak.

Number one.

I think I will have the seat of this chair re-stuffed. I love the vintage velvet and think I will keep it.

What do you think? Do you like the mix of color? Too old fashioned?

Number two issue.

The soccer-mask-wearing-murderer in the woods?

He isn’t there. I hope. And I will stop watching the scary Halloween movies on AMC before bed.


But other than that.

Picture perfect.

What do you think?

Do you ever stay on your lap top too long?

Do you have a hard time carving out time for your blogging and time for family?

Do you like my new space?

Do you ever look out a window in the night and wonder what could be looking back?

I would love to know.

Unless you ever really saw someone staring back.



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  1. Oh that is one fabulous nook! I am inspired! I need a place other than my kitchen table to blog!

  2. You are so interesting,funny and I just love your bedroom. nancy

  3. What a beautiful space…although I laughed out loud when you said that you sunk down in the chair and your chin was on the table. I had the perfect visual of that! I love the space, but I agree that you will need to have the chair restuffed! Also, maybe close the drapes when you blog at night. That would freak me out, too!

    • I thought about having my hubs take a pic of me sitting at desk so readers would know I really wasn’t exaggerating. I still may do that! I’m trying to beat my fears! I am usually fine because I am so used to living in the woods. The scary movie just got me. ; ) Love, Me

  4. Love love love. Your bed room , the colors are great and those drapes ….yummy.

    • Aren’t they neat? Can you believe Craigslist? I even know that was a very rare find! Thank you for stopping by! Love, ME

  5. that is good for you to have your blogging nook away from your bed…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    blogging is fun but life itself is more fun!!


  6. Rebecca I love the space and absolutely loved that you told us you sank… I giggled a bit.. The view is gorgeous what a wonderful space to work from. I think you should leave the chair with the velvet it has it is so perfect!! Beautiful room for a beautiful girl!! ~ Lori

    • I still tried to use sunken, last night. I looked like a blog loser. ; ) I have to come up with something. You are always so sweet! Love, Me

  7. stunning! I love everything!!

    • I consider that a major compliment from you! Love your taste! Love your apothecary re-do as well! I hope you linked that up at Mondays party! I haven’t even checked. Ok…..don’t be shocked if I reply to one of your tweets. I’m trying to learn my twitter-ology, so if it sounds wonky….please forgive me. I am also going to try to send some peeps to your FB. Will try to help you get those numbers up! I’m also learning instagram. Ready to jump on that boat? Love, Me

  8. Hi love your space love your blog. I too stay on the computer more than I should some days but I get such awesome ideas from so many of you bloggers. Thanks, leslie

    • I will try to keep the ideas coming so you don’t abandon ship! I LOVE having you comment and around ! Love, Me

  9. Lovely bedroom and I am very jealous of the view you have through your window. If I posted our wonderful view all you would see is the neighbor’s messy yard, their fence tilting over towards our trees (fixing them over and over again), two dirty dogs, and two trucks that stopped working a long time ago. Yeah, can you feel my sarcasm ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I do love our view and am sorry about yours! That is crappy. I have a really, really, really, really, really, really, cranky neighbor. My sister rents to him. We are all family out here. He faithfully pays his rent but is AWFUL cranky. Besides the fact that he feeds wild cats with about twenty feeders….no lie. So, there you go. I aim to please, making sure my readers know that my life is NOT picture perfect. Hmmmmm…..maybe I shouldn’t do that? Maybe they want picture perfect. What do you think? Love, Me

  10. Love your nook…great to have a view!
    You haven’t said much about your chalk paint alternative…how’s it working?

    • Hey JoAnn! It is working great. I have sold almost all the pieces that I painted with it. The super flat latex if that is what you are talking about. The link to that post is in this comment in case you missed it! I love having you around. You are such a faithful reader! Thank you for always stopping by. You make my day! Love, Me

  11. Everything is beautiful, and it all sounded perfect…until your chin hit the desk! Maybe fix or switch up that chair for the good of the blog ๐Ÿ™‚ And may I say I find it refeshing to see that your bedroom isn’t filled to the brim with painted furniture? I paint furniture all day and love it, but I have not ONE piece of painted in my home! Shhh… don’t tell anyone…. I feel a blog post coming on.

    • Kim…I paint furniture as you know and I love it. But….my house may only have two pieces painted in it. Crazy isn’t it? You post it first. I will follow your lead. : ) Love, Me

  12. You are so funny!!!!

    I was looking at that gorgeous velvet chair and wondering if it was too low before you even said anything. People used to be a lot smaller when that chair was made… I’m thinking 1940s? Love the green velvet. I would keep it if you can manage beefing up the seat to make it usable still. I’ve got a dining room table that is about an inch or two too tall. Makes me feel like a little kid every time I sit down… Just need to sand down those legs a bit. One of these days…

    I’m a new follower. Love getting your posts sent directly to my email b/c I’m too flaky to remember to check back on my own. Your humor is much appreciated : ) BTW, love the leather boot tip about softening with shaving cream. We’ve got a horse stabled just up the road that we get to care for…”we” being me and my girls abby (11) and claire (10). I’m often tripping over all the cowboy boots around here as they are ostracized to the outdoors after all the stall mucking. In my mind, they are going to get the royal treatment of shaving cream and look so much cuter standing in a row all spiffy.

    I’d love for you to check out my blog and if there is anything I can make for you, it would be my pleasure!

    : )

    • Stopped by your blog and followed as well! Do you have Facebook? I didn’t see it and would love to stay in touch that way as well. Just let me know. I probably missed it! Love, Me

  13. Yes! I spend too much time blogging and visiting… trying to stay in touch with all the awesome people out there!! I try not to look out into the dark night. Spooky! The new space looks great, new desk or new chair to make it work? I’d pick one. Even though it’s so pretty to look at!!

    • Think I will have to Shannon! I did have much more time blogging when I wasn’t working part-time. KILLING me. : ) My house is suffering, my blog is suffering but my wallet feels better. ; ) Love, Me

  14. Love your blogging nook! And, yes, I spend too much time reading blogs.

    • Dear Katie. Your husband called. He said to make SURE you keep reading my blog, if you cut down on any. Weird huh? Love, Me

  15. I came over from Uncommon Design’s blog hop. The photo of your blogging space called to me. And as I read I was nodding my head…yep…not getting enough sleep. They say computers monitors keep the brain to active. Yep, blogging in bed..I was with you. And I saw your dream coming together & laughed out loud when you told us that you sank in your chair until your chin touched the desk. Hilarious. Now…I gotta get the image of the murderer outside the window out of my head.

  16. First, I’m SOOO glad your blog is back in working order! Second i’m jealous of your bedroom. My windows are 4’wide by 3′ deep (weird, I know) so I’d have to use a pub chair and table to see like you do, so no worries. Third, that chair is to die for! Is it woven burlap upholstery straps underneath? Would that work. My parents replaced nothing. If mom didn’t fix it, this way, a board under the cushions, whatever worked, we’d sit sunken to the floor. Hope you can do this in a less expensive way than having it done. Love ya,,

    • What if you used an architectural desk? They sit high and could be a really cool look? Ok, Ok….I will try to fix it! ; ) Love, Me

  17. Okay…hilarious about your chin hitting the desk! I know exactly how you feel. I put together the prettiest breakfast nook on the planet, and never sit there. Because the chairs are horribly uncomfortable…so, I’ve been on the hunt for new chairs that hold my butt in them nice and comfy. And…the whole scary movie thing. I love them, but they really do scare the crud out of me. I get up in the middle of the night and run back to bed as fast as I can. Stuff the seat of that old chair…the space looks perfect! Or…you could just stack some old phone books on it!

    • Too funny about your nook. Too cute to not make comfortable! You make yours work and I will try to make my chair work. : ) Deal? We both just need to watch scary movies in the daytime. Love, Me

  18. Love the chair, Reb, but I see a problem with the functionality. In order to get high enough, the arms of the chair will be a problem. I think an armless chair that sits you higher is the key so you can scoot under the table ๐Ÿ™‚ Love ya.

    • But I want to snuggle down in my chair. Wahhhhhhh!!!! Even if I stuff the seat up so high it looks weird? ; ) I love you coming by. Truly…….Love, Me

  19. who cares if you can’t reach your keyboard, the chair and knook is fabulous so is that bedroom. How charming and cozy!

    • Thanks Laura! I have backed myself into a corner now. My hubby like the no blogging in bed thing. I need a comfy chair that works! ; ) Love, Me

  20. Great space, perfect view, and now I want a comfy chair like that for my desk!


  21. Beautiful!!!! I adore your curtains, they are fabulous!!!

  22. Love your nook. I wouldn’t change the colours at all. I think even if you put extra padding in the seat cushion, the chair would still be too low. I don’t think that kind of chair was ever meant to be the desk chair type. Not that I’m dating myself or anything. My parents collected antiques so I’ve been around them all my life. I love the chair the way it is and would probably find a nice spot for it where I could curl up in the depths and read. And find another neat old chair that would be suitable for the table.
    As for hockey mask Jason in the garden: I fear that here too. Nothing for it but to close the drapes. For me anyway.

  23. Great space and may I second the adore your curtains comment? Handmade? They are 100percent gorgeous and you have them put up beautifully. What a beautiful fabric!

  24. I’m so happy to have stopped by your blog. As I read your blog journey I felt so connected. Thank you for that sense of feeling. As a beginning blogger I was feeling obsessed just you stated and I had to chuckle at that. I love your blog and will definitely add you to my list of followers. Best wishes

  25. That is one gorgeous room! I love the drapes and all the colors. Totally understand about the sinky chair because we have one too…ours is only one year old though!! There’s not a bad guy outside the window. Might be a lady who is driving by dying to see inside your house though. ๐Ÿ™‚

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