Living Room Reveal!

I always wanted to be the kind of blogger that had a fancy living room reveal.

Like a total wow before and after.

Smack in your face ugly before and smack in your face gorgeous after.

Well, mine is taking so stinking long (about a year) because I am doing it in TRULY thrifty stages.

So, I thought I had better start showing it to you now.

For real.

You don’t believe me?

Well…get ready.

I will give you a glimpse of where we are so far.

Hold onto your socks people.

Their about to be knocked off!!!!

Half way, at least!

Ta Dah!!!!




Ok…lest you aren’t impressed.. let me remind you where it came from.

Then to here.

And now……Here……..


Remember the Goodwill glass vase into lamp?

What about my Mustard Seed Curtains?

Who can forget my BRAND NEW CALICO CORNERS Craigslist Chairs??? They were valued at $1250 each without upholstery.You have to read that post to see how much I got both for!!!!

What about those awesome antique Persian pillows. Do any of my old readers remember the Craigslist deal where I found them?

What about the white distressed coffee table? That was one of my first painting projects and I found out one famous blogger was copying me at that time if I do recall. ; ) Talk about going way, way, way back…….

Anyone remember where I got the lamp in between the two Craigslist chairs? It has the cool three-pronged plug-in it to plug-in our chargers or laptops?

And don’t even get me started with my Craigslist velvet chairs.

Who remembers the Crate and Barrel Craigslist Sleeper sofa that I almost didn’t keep? So glad I did. I just washed the slip cover for the fifteenth time last night and put back on, please excuse the wrinkles!

Now do you see why I thought it best to give it to you in stages?

You’re welcome.



Catching up?

Let me know!

I want to hear from you!




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  1. Um, okay, WOW!!!!! In fact, HOLY SMACKS…and then WOW again! It’s GORGEOUS!!! (and yes, I clicked through to read about the, ahem, drapery issue(s)). We may be related. Would you be willing to share the name of your drapery fabric? Pretty please?! I’m headed back to look at your room again. WELL DONE! xo

  2. It sure looks pretty ๐Ÿ™‚ All the blue accents really came together well.. and.. I adore the sofa table. Bunches!!!

    • Thank you Shannon! Hey girl! I need some of your fancy paint! I need the thick pudding stuff! AND…….the shiny metallic stuff! Bet you know what I’m talking about don’t you? I don’t have my list in front of me and didn’t want to order at the conference. I wanted to make sure YOU got my business! I would like to buy it from you! Please email me when you get the chance. I will order. I will use…..Then I will blog about it. : ) Love, Me

  3. Love the drapes. Especially with the yellow walls. Awesome wood color on your floors. Love both coffee tables.

    • Thank you Carlene! The drapes have quite a story. You may not believe that is how my blog really grew….you may want to read it. : ) I promise. It may be worth the read. Thank you for stopping by! Love, Me

  4. Chalotte Banker says:

    So beautiful Rebecca!!! Stunning!

    • Charlotte, I am so glad you approve! You and Dow will be so happy here! He has fallen totally in love with you! ; ) You made his day the other day. Thank you so much! Love, Me

  5. I love it. It was so good meeting you this weekend.

    • Stop.It.Right.Now. You know you have been hitting my inbox for years now and it was so cool to meet you in person! ; ) You are so sweet in real life and so down to earth! What a pleasure to meet you in person but of course to see you stop by. Thanks!!! Love your taste and of course your opinion. Love, Me

  6. betsy elliott says:

    Beautiful and very resourceful!!!

    • Thank you Betsy! I’m so impressed that you replied to a blog! Now go forth and visit other blogs young one! Love, Me

  7. Ok, my feet are cold! You really did “knock my socks off!” This room is just beautiful. I love the blue and yellow with red. You did a great job combining everything!


  8. I’m a new follower… and I’m in love. My husband and I are addicted to craigslist, thrift finds and curbside pickups. I love seeing someone else with the same passion for thrifty decorating. So happy I found you. Keep up the good work.

  9. I’m coming over to stretch out on the couch, K? The entire room is beyond gorgeous and comfy and inviting, and gorgeous again! I love the colors and fabrics! We could do some serious gossiping!

  10. Rebecca, your room looks fabulous and those drapes are killer! So I’m going to read your post about them. Love those pillows on your sofa, too!

  11. Gorgeous room alert! I don’t think we have the same craig’s list in our neck of the woods. Ours is mostly other people’s junk. Lucky you! I enjoyed meeting you at the conference in Raleigh. ~ Angie

  12. The room is gorgeous! What a transformation! Absolutely love the curtains, and the pillows on the sofa! Looking good! ~Now following you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Seriously beautiful!!! I just love all the pattern and texture. So amazing!

  14. Wow! Did I ever tell you that of all the blog people I follow, you are hands-down,bar none, and give the girl a chocolate the best, ever! Seriously amazing. I LOVE that room.

  15. I just stopped by to see what your blog is all about and man am I impressed. Jane and I really enjoyed talking with you at the Southern Bloggers Conference. Everything was perfect except for that spot on your boots. I couldn’t help but notice. Just kidding. Every time I spill something on my shirt (and that’s a lot) Jane says ” oh, nobody will notice” Right. I’ll be back from time to time.

    • Leo your response literally made me laugh out loud! You were such a pleasure to meet and I can’t wait until your next visit! Love, Me

  16. Beautiful, I could live here! Who knows maybe I will move in soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Yup…. GORGEOUS! Love the mix of wood tones. Keeps the space feeling warm and welcoming!

  18. I think it is Fabulous!!!

  19. Unbelievably beautiful. It is a true “home”.

  20. Beautiful girl! I love your living room. All my favorite colors, yellows, blues, and that rug, is gorgeous too!

  21. Where did you find the rug? Been looking for something similar forever and have no desire to spend thousands …

    • I hate to tell you but I found it on Craigslist. The lady that sold it said she had bought at Pottery Barn. Have you tried Homegoods? They have great deals on rugs like this! You may also want to search your Craigslist. Make sure to ask if pet free and smoke free! Love, Me

  22. I also lucked out on Craigs List for a pair of chairs reccently. We had thrown out the old couch and only had one old broken rocker and one old recliner left in the timmy livingroom we have. Everyone told me to watch on CL for something as we couldn’t really afford nice new furniture right now. I half heartedly started looking one night and spotted an ad that said “estate sale” and had some pictures of beautiful furniture attached. I thought no way could we even hope to afford such beautiful stuff but the ad said any offers would be considered. It also list where each piece had been purchased. The two chairs were beautiful, one recliner and one rocker both from Basset, which just so happens to be right around the corner from out home. I went to their website and found the chairs in the exact fabric that Cl pictures had and lo and behold the recliner was on “Sale” for $2495 in that fabric and the rocker was on “Sale” for $1895! I watched the ad for another 3 days and then finally got my courage up and wrote to the person. It turned out to be a nice young man who had just gotten married and he and his new wife disagreed over the style of their new homes furniture so they were scrapping both of their former (before marriage) furniture and starting over, they were willing to let everything go for pennies on the dollar and I offered him $300 for the set of chairs………he accepted, and he even delivered then right to our door! They are literally in brand new condition and are gorgeous, you can certainly tell they were never used. He did say they were from his new wifes single days and she purchased things based on looks and not function. I only wish our room was larger as he also had a gorgeous couch and love seat I would have liked to have scored, but the chairs themselves are so large I think only the love seat might have fit in the small room with them. Still if he doesn’t sell that love seat soon I may just contact him again and make an offer on it too.
    I’m a new reader of your blog and love it so far. Here’s to CL bargains!

  23. Linda A.McDonald says:

    I loved seeing the drapes in another setting.It makes me know that I truly love that fabric in more than I thought I did. Do you know if the fabric is still available. Does it come in any other color? Your roomis beautiful. You should be proud. The best rooms are always done over time.

  24. Oh my, that is truly lovely!! I wish I could have you as a personal shopper….I don’t have Craigslist access, so I will enjoy it through you!!

  25. Sue Farmer says:

    Just found your blog. I was reading about Windex and then came here. Love your style and your living room looks so inviting!! (BTW Thanks to you, I just finished Windexing my whole kitchen, including the wood floors LOL. Worked great on my floors. I am a clean freak and have always had trouble with my engineered hardwood floors) Thanks so much for the info and I am joining your blog post immediately!!

  26. Just happened upon your blog today when googling Tucker Resist Chambray curtains. I was on the fence because I have an oriental rug, and voila I see you have a rug that is almost identical to ours and you paired it with these curtains. Love your room and will be checking out the rest of your blog!

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