New affordable chalk paint alternative

I had big plans to wow you with some other pieces I have in the works with the new paint that I really like but plans have changed.

The paint is still awesome.


Easy to use.


Low Odor.


I couldn’t get it in the red that I needed.

So….I felt it was cruel to make you wait any longer.

Which technically I am doing right now. Aren’t I.

I painted four different pieces in the black and thought…what the heck was I waiting for.

So……are you ready?

Where can you get yours you ask?

Want to know how easy it is to get your own?

Go to Lowes.

It’s that easy. Or at your local store that carries Valspar paints.

For realz.

I saw the label on this can and was intrigued.

Intrigued I tell ya’.

The paint plus primer made me wonder if it would adhere similar to chalk and clay paint on a variety of surfaces.

Plus the SUPER flat paint made me wonder if it would dry quickly and give the flat look of chalk paints.

The fact that it was a latex paint gave me the confidence that it would be a durable paint for re-selling pieces……….

But what intrigued me the most?

The PRICE vs chalk and clay paint.

$12.43 a QUART!!!!!

But $12.43 a quart was still high and I still wasn’t sure if it would be worth it.

So…I tested it.


I think it was.

Does it sand like chalk paint?


It dried like a super flat latex and sanded and distressed easily.

Low odor. No VOC. Some of the advantages of chalk and clay paint.

But not the high price.

Will I still use chalk or clay paint?



When I can pay $12.43 and turn out four dressers for re-sell.

Well, that’s a win in my books on certain colors.

By the way, in case you wondered(some of you asked me)…..this is the black that I used on all four pieces. (I am only showing you three right now)

I tried to get this kind of paint in my “Perfect” Red before I revealed the paint but the bases on this paint could not be tinted this red and would have been “pinky”.

No way Hosea. I LOVE my perfect red. I don’t want no pinky in my red.

It will work for other colors but I wanted to reveal the paint now so that you can test it out yourself with YOUR favorite colors.


Tempted to try it?

Were you ready to jump on the new “fancy shmancy” paint wagon and now a little disappointed?

You know I’m plain ‘ole people!

And cheap.

But I am picky.

And I like it.

And LOVE the price.

I can’t wait to hear what you think.





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  1. I just bought this last week to try!!! Great minds???

    • EXACTLY! We MUST shop together. ; ) It could be fun! Let me know what you think. What color did you do? Love, Me

    • Michele Hendricks says:

      try a new brand of chalk paint, “Shabby Paint”, (Google it) it is cheaper ($29 per qt) and in most ways better then the others. A qt is still more expensive then your “Lowes” brand but it will go further and you don’t have to buy a whole qt, they offer 3 other smaller sizes. For most projects a qt is way more then you need. I get 5 to 6 projects out of a quart. It is VOC free and they have a brand new product That replaces wax that I am loving.

  2. MaryBeth Schwarz says:

    Thanks for this tip! I have some things to paint and will try this first for that price and no mail ordering. YAY! Your items look gorgeous!

  3. As far as the look I can’t tell any difference from chalk paint. If it wears the same on the furniture I say you just added some $$$ back into your pocket & that’s just smart business.

  4. Carlene@Organized Clutter says:

    I love the red and black pieces. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Gotta try it!!

  6. I’ll definately try it. I have several pieces to paint and I love how yours turned out.
    I dont buy into hype and high prices so this sounds like the paint for me.

  7. Oh my gosh. I have put off FOREVER ordering more chalk paint because of how expensive it is. I’m not a good painter so I almost feel like it’s a waste. This is such great news! Question though. Do you wax and what kind do you use?

    • I do wax my pieces. I have had access to all the waxes. Annie Sloan etc but I keep going back to my affordable favorite. Minwax Paste. My favorite and easy to use. Leaves your pieces durable, show-room quality. Can’t wait for you to try the paint! Love, Me

  8. Deborah Smith says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to try this one out. Your pieces look awesome. Thank you for shareing!

  9. AWESOME looking pieces. Hmmm… have a Master king sized bed to paint. ๐Ÿ™‚ Flat white with a minwax over coat.
    I’m a Valspar girl!! Glad to know another!!! Luv that flat black!Now that I have seen yours, I am looking at my sideboard with new eyes.
    Cheers, Gee

  10. Anna-Ruth Murphy says:

    I LIKE the way you think!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Great results! I quite like that black.

  12. Low price. High quality. No VOC. Color choices. At Lowe’s. No one around here in CT sells those expensive chalk or clay or milk paints. I do believe I’ll give it a try. Other than the obvious black, do you have other fave colors in this line?

  13. Thanks for spilling the beans…I’ve been waiting with baited breath (did I really just say that?)
    I even emailed you cuz I was so excited!! I only started painting about the time A.S. Chalk Paint came about, so I know nothing about latex paint. I thought you had to sand and prep the furniture first….is this Valspar different? No prep work? Thanks!

  14. Hi! I just found your blog! I’m hooked now! Did you sand before you painted with the black Valspar paint? I know the AS paint is supposed to be a non-sanding option, but it is WAY too expensive for me!

  15. Unbelievable, I just bought this exact color and paint last Saturday. I’m starting a blog and trying to get some good DIY pictures to post and this is one I choose. Absolutely LOVE the color. Love the “true red” of this. I also, looked a long time before finding the red I wanted and as soon as I painted my piece, I knew this was it. Don’t you just love finding a color that is just what you have in your head? When I finish constructing my blog I’ll share it with you. Major computer sickness. I love your piece and it is such a great color for Fall. Your always do nice work.

  16. I found your blog….and this one in particular….down a very convoluted path. Since I ALSO talk too much, I will tell you how. My almost 40 year old daughter went through most of her school years with the daughter of a friend of mine. These girls went different directions, but us ‘mothers’ have remained friends. She told me once that her daughter had a blog so I looked her up. (I wish I knew how to do the links for you..I would put them here) She writes “The Traci Chronicles”. She follows a bunch of blogs and in exploring them, I found “Between Naps on the Porch”. Now I cannot honestly tell you HOW I went from there to “The Concrete Cottage” but Jeannine’s blog is now also bookmarked on my computer! She “linked up” recently to many other blogs and I started visiting THOSE. The second one I visited was “Flamingo Toes”. (Another bookmark!) I was scrolling through the icons on her linky party and saw a post on turning mirrors and pictures into chalkboards. I have been interested in this whole movement surrounding CHALK PAINT but have no personal experience. I have a little antique cabinet with damage that I have been wanting to paint and distress so am curious. I clicked on the chalkboard link and read her post. In it she said: “I know…I have a problem. I just love chalkboards! I very well may cover every surface in my home with chalkboard paint. I just can’t help myself. I see an old picture on the side of the road, and I can’t help but bring it home and turn it into a chalkboard. It’s not my fault, I promise. It’s Rebecca at You Are Talking Too Much’s fault. She got me hooked on the whole chalkboard from a mirror thing, so I’m holding her accountable.” Well…you guessed it….I jumped to “You Are Talking Too Much”! (another bookmark!). It was the October 23 post about the computer nook. I have never been to your blog before but was chuckling right out loud at sitting at your desk in the chair you love and your chin just reaching the desktop. I was marveling at how many things you claim to have gotten through Craigslist. I was also surprised to see that you signed your blogs “Love, Me” because that is how I sign all my emails to my family! Then…I started reading the comments. I RARELY read the comments under posts, but this time I did. I love how you seem to answer or comment to each comment! Anyway, reading comments and I get to someone named “jo ann” asking you about your flat latex paint experience. Say WHAT???? I had been wondering about how well flat latex paint would work on my project…or if I needed to learn more about the “chalk paint” everyone is talking about. “CLICK” and here I am. TOMORROW I will be the proud owner of some Valspar Ultra Paint & Primer, Super Flat, in Lincoln Cottage Black!!!!! I’ll come back here and let you know how my project works out. Oh….and I WILL be following your blog. I wish you were my neighbor…I think we would be friends!
    Me Too!

    • Carolyn, this has to be one of my favorite comments ever. Such a funny trail to lead to your new Bloggy Best Friend! AS for commenting back to every comment. I have to admit that I can’t always. It is only as life permits at times. Make sure you follow me on Facebook too because that is where I feel I really get to connect with my readers. AND as far as “claiming” to have gotten on CL. That is TRUE. I am so bad that yesterday at work the girls were talking about decorating for Christmas and one said….”I bet you get all of your decorations used, don’t you?” To which I responded….”Hey, I don’t want you to think we are living out of a garbage can!” They quickly clarified that no…that is NOT what they meant but that they cannot believe the deals I find. My family has told me to stop saying when people compliment me on what we have in our home or what I am wearing….”I bought it off CL, Goodwill, thriftstore etc.” To just say….”Thank you”. Hard to do when so many people need to learn the value of thrift! I am a TRUE thrifter and I do admit when I buy new also! So happy to have you here! Love, Me(2) ; )

  17. I am standing at Loses right now waiting for my paint to mix. TG they have guest Internet service! I forgot to write down what the paint was but had my kindle fire with me. Just pulled your photos up and showed the paint guy what I wanted. Thanks for this post.

  18. OOh, thanks for this tip! I am going to make my own chalk paint, but I will try this too! I can’t fit real chalk paint prices in my budget when I try to resale!

  19. I had filed this post away for the next time I painted something. Just wanted to say thanks for the post. I painted a hand me down dining room chair from my grandmother. It now sits prowdly in my living room with it’s fantastic new coat of paint and a new seat cover ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I have been painting like CRAZY with chalk paint that I make using 4T plaster of paris, 4T water, mixed until smooth, added to 2 cups water based paint, be it satin finish, semi-gloss, high-gloss, doesn’t matter. I finish my pieces with Minwax Paste Finishing Wax also. No sanding, no priming, it is durable and looks fabulous! I am way too cheap to buy Annie Sloan!!! I have recently done several chairs, a desk, nightstands, side tables — get all my finds at garage sales, Craigslist or Goodwill Store. I will try this Valspar paint, but I think my homemade stuff will probably prevail because it’s so inexpensive to make. I often find mis-mixed colors that I pick up from Lowes or Home Depot or even Walmart, super inexpensive. Thanks for all of your great tips and tricks!!!

    • When using the homemade chalk paint have u distressed any of your furniture? No stores around here sell the Annie Sloan and I am dying to try the chalk paint!!!

      • Under the search bar on my site…..put in distress. I usually distress everything. I can’t wait for you to give it a try. You don’t have to try with chalk paint, try with a flat paint! I promise, you will fall in love. : )

  21. I have been using the Valspar paint and primer (flat) for about 5 or 6 months now. I also use the Minwax clear wax (a little stiff) to topcoat but works beautifully and holds up like a charm!!! Still love my ASCP products…but for those “RED” moments it is a no brainer!!!

  22. Marilyn Descours says:

    So do you have to sand/strip before using the Valspar? I didn’t see a reply to those questions.
    Thanks, love your blog.

    • I missed a big batch of comments apparently. I do not sand and strip for this paint. That is what I loved about it. I just slapped it right onn! So sorry to not reply! XOXO!

  23. I have the same question too about sanding/stripping. Thanks for your post. I was wanting to get more of the ASCP, but dreading the cost. This is a great alternative. Going shopping this weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I missed a big batch of comments apparently. I do not sand and strip for this paint. That is what I loved about it. I just slapped it right onn! So sorry to not reply! XOXO!

  24. I was also wanting to know what prep went into a piece before painting with valspar. Also how do you finish? Wanting to paint a kitchen table. Thanks!

    • My first project is my kitchen island! Bought an old farmhouse ….redoing kitchen and its all about budget! All my money has gone into the floors and my “farmhouse sink”! Can’t wait to share some pictures. Headed to Lowes today. Can you give me any prepping advice?
      A true beginner,

      • I can truly tell you that what I loved about this paint is that I didn’t have to prep. I didn’t use a primer. If it is your island, I have a feeling it isn’t laminate or a shiny surface. You should be fine. Start painting a small area and see. It dries quickly and you will love! Finish it off with minwax paste after it dries to make sure you can put anything on it and not leave marks. (water marks) It sounds so pretty! Feel free to share your pics with me on FBook. I would love others to see how you use the paint. Good luck! XOXO

    • I just saw this comment Anna. What I loved about this paint is that I didn’t prep! No priming. I would finish off with minwax paste for a kitchen table. It is my favorite wax and easy on and off. I used on my own tables and never any rings! Good luck! XOXO

  25. N D Bronco says:

    I am trying it as we speak. First coat of green.. Will let you know tomorrow what I think cuz I’m picky too! Thanks!

  26. I am doing my research to paint a china cabinet, and as I’ve looked at different looks, I found I really like the way chalk paint looks with the distressed edges. But on a budget, I was really happy to find this post! When you stated: “Does it sand like chalk paint? Nope.” in your post, I was a little confused by what you meant, because on the next line you said it distressed easily. After you painted your dressers, do you use sandpaper to distress the edges? Do you have another post on how to go about distressing the edges I can read for research? Thanks for answering my questions!

  27. Just wondering if you can paint on laminate with this paint too? I am moving soon and wont have a garage to paint in anymore (tear), so im painting like a mad woman! I had prevously painted over a laminate dresser with Annie Sloan Graphite, but its not dark enough! I am going to buy new paint to cover the ANCP today, id reallllly like to save some $$ and use something else. Should I re-sand the wax off too? ugh. Help

    • I did use this paint on laminate and it covered great. It will be even better since you have a “base” coat with the annie sloan. I would just lightly sand, don’t wear yourself out. Just because of the wax. I know you will miss your garage! I hope this is a good move! I miss painting! My job is taking some of that time away from me! Let me know how it goes. XOXO! Rebecca

  28. I absolutely love your blog and find the majority of your post’s to be exactly I’m looking for.
    Does one offer guest writers to write content
    in your case? I wouldn’t mind publishing a post or elaborating on a number of the subjects you write about here. Again, awesome site!

  29. Looooove this solution! I am a fan of thrifts shops and have been dreaming about refurbishing for too many years. Now I am giving me the opportunity to do it and I already rescued 8 chairs and one dresser that are waiting for me. Thank God for your solution with Valspar…it goes with my budget and I like that it is low in odors and VOC because my sons want to be involved in the “family business” to save money. I am getting the paint this same week! So excited about this solution! Thank you!


  30. thank you for sharing. has anyone used the valspar on brass (think it’s metal with gold paint)? i’d like to change my towel rack, lights, toilet paper holder to the graphite color, and i saw on another site where a woman did this with annie sloan chalk paint, but i don’t have any retailers near me, and i would like to go the cheap route if possible.

    thanks for all your help.

    • Joanne, I am actually going to do it on my “gold metal” cabinet hardware. I will let you know how it works but I say…..GO FOR IT! I think it will hold up well. Have you thought about Rustoleum graphite spray paint? Or are you not wanting to take them down? Either way… it! I can’t wait to hear how it turns out. I will let you know how my cabinet pulls go. : ) XOXO!

  31. Von Justesen says:

    I love your finished pieces so much! I use Annie Sloan and CeeCee Caldwell chalk paint when I can afford it. I have used Valspar and its a favorite, also, although I ‘ve never seen the super flat. When I use chalk paint I use wax to seal it. Did you have to use anything as a top coat, and if so will wax work with the valspar paint? I can’t wait to try it!

  32. Hello. I love the chalk paint look, but ASCP is too expensive for me. I went to Lowe’s this morning to get Valspar Super Flat tinted “Heirloom Red”. They said it couldn’t be done. Is there another paint brand that works? The Lowe’s guy said regular flat wouldn’t tint red either. Thanks for any suggestions.

  33. I laughed when I found this post. I used Valspar with primer in an eggshell finish and was surprised that it handled so much like the pricey chalk paint. SO I looked up the MSDS online, got the manufacturer’s phone number, and called them to ask if they put chalk in their paint. Yup, yup, they do! Calcium carbonate is “one of the ingredients in their proprietary primer.” Chalk. If you use the eggshell finish instead of the flat, it will not come off. And it doesn’t really need to be waxed unless you want to do that to add the color. I’m sold.

    If I’m feeling the need to use some “real” chalk paint, I make my own, using the Valspar paint base, then add my own chalk and pigments. You can get the “recipe” off my blog if you like. ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Stephanie H. says:

    Hello. Thank you for this great post and information. I need to repaint a giant dining table (has three leaves) that I originally painted with cece Caldwell paint. I was very disappointed with the caldwell paint. I had to use numerous coats to get good coverage and in the end, oil spots were coming through. That’s not necessarily the paint’s fault, but it just added to the frustration. I should have stayed with ASCP but they didn’t offer the color I wanted. Anyway, using this valspar paint sounds like a good option. My question is, will the ASCP. Wax work with the valspar paint? I love that wax and haven’t used any other wax. It seems, from what I’ve read, min wax is trickier to use. Thank you so much for your fantastic blog!

    • WEll, I may not be a good judge but I am a minwax paste LOVER! You can use your ASCP with this paint but the same rules apply. Don’t use the dark wax before the light wax etc. Good luck with your table. What a sad chunk of paint and time!!!! : ( Good luck! XO!

  35. Chrystal says:

    So the red dresser you have posted in this post was not painted with this type of paint? (Ive been wanting to try a red dresser). do you think you could do kitchen cabinets with this also? Thanks

    • Chrystal someone else in this stream of comments did do their cabinets and loves the outcome. I don’t use this for my red but LOVE my choice of red. Remember, you can get the secret formula in the “perfect” red posts. XO!

  36. Just wanted clarification: The red paint (super color!) can not be used for the chalk paint look?

    • When you mean, chalk paint look…you mean the chippy, distressed look? YES, you can get that look. Search my posts for the “perfect red” posts. That dresser was not the flat color and I really had no issues applying. Let me know if that helps you a bit more. I am sorry but this comment went to my spam, so sorry for the delay in responding! XO!

    • Meredith, I get a really good look in my “perfect red” posts. It just doesn’t go on “flat” like chalk paint. I do get the same distressed look though that I got in my chalk paint. Check out all of my “perfect red” posts. XO

  37. LOVE this! So beautiful and much better price!

    I wish I had read this before I started my dresser! I am new to chalk paint and was shocked at the price. I did an armoire with it, but when I went to work on the dresser, I just used Rustoleum flat black and went over it with Annie Sloan wax that was left over….really liked how it turned out!

  38. I love vaspar to it is all I use. Martha steward has a black call silhouette that I had mixed up in valspar. It is kinda a fl ate chalky black! Very nice color. Also can someone help me with what I could use in valspar that matches miss mustard seed shutter grey!!

  39. I’m in the process of painting my beadboard kitchen cabinets with this paint and am amazed. The quart goes VERY far, just like a regular chalk paint does. I’m using “Creamy Buttermilk” by Glidden (mixed in this Valspar paint formula) and I would say it’s very similar to Annie Sloan Old White or Cece Caldwell Vintage White, perhaps a little creamier. I absolutely love the results. My husband and I refaced our own flat panel doors with MDF beadboard and poplar wood trim for a shaker look.(Adhered with bradnail gun). We used wood veneer edging around the sides, and they look like new cabinet doors! To the person asking about laminate, I didn’t sand the beadboard at all, and it’s shiny. This stuck right to it. Absolutely beautiful finish. I did sand between coats (it took three coats) to reduce brush strokes. Very little mess. There will be some brush strokes with this…make no mistake, this will look ‘handpainted’. Peronally I wanted that though—I didn’t want a Martha Stewart factory finished door. This really lends to the character of the kitchen in general, I think. I used CeCe Caldwell satin finish (3 coats) and could not be happier! Thank you so much, Rebecca, for sharing what you’ve found in this paint! I’m a believer! And what I love is that I can use practically any color I want—no limitations!

    • I just saw this comment Amy! I am sorry it was in my spam! I would LVOE to see your results! You have been busy. Feel free to post your results on my Facebook page. Just reference this post so that readers can see what they can obtain with the flat paint. Thank you for sharing. XO!

  40. How did you get the red? Lowes couldn’t make any reds work in the flat.


  41. Once you have painted and distressed, how do you use the minwax?

  42. Do you have to use the super flat or can you go up in shine, like an eggshell?

    • Hello Mariel, The super flat is what gives it the ease of fast drying and the look of chalk paint. As you go up in shine you lose that look BUT I also paint with paints with “more shine” and still get great results. It is what you want! Go for it! XO!

  43. I got to tell you your right… I spent the money on the “Hype” chalk paint to remain nameless. It was by far the hardest paint to work with. The white hardly covered… Used half a can on one desk. I was so disappointed!!! I had happened to find a ultra flat in the discount section of lowes a while back never got to using it….. I finally tried and yup it worked like a Charm!!!! And I only paid 2.50:). Def cost effective And works!!! please readers don’t wAste your money….. Highly disAppointed…. Valspar rocks!!

  44. Thanks for this info! I am starting the project of refinishing my Dad’s old, worn out, down right abused desk. I want the bottom to have the distressed look with cream, and the top to be stained. I was stressing over where to get the chalk paint-this was so much easier! Took a trip to Lowe’s today. I will share how it turns out. FYI, the super smart and experienced paint guy said Valspar’s Matte is the same, and came out just after the Super Flat. I insisted on getting the same paint as you, but if some have trouble finding the Super Flat, sounds like the Matte would be a close second.

    • I can’t wait to hear how it turns out!! XO!PS…..I want to try the Matte!!!!! Thank you for sharing! I need to quit using so many exclamation points….! ; )

  45. Another question, I painted a crib and dresser for my baby’s room (love love the valspar) and i bought the minwax paste, haven’t quite put it on yet. I’ve read other blogs that say youhave to re-wax at least once a year, especially on “high traffic” pieces of furniture. So especially with the crib, where my baby will be grabbing the edges and such, do i need to re-wax? Is that true? Or is the one time wax enough/will last long enough? Thanks

    • Well, I am not sure if they are talking about the same paste that you and I are talking about but as for me…….I have never had to re-wax. My coffee table was one of my first pieces I ever painted. It.Is.Abused. Runny drinks, boots, toys etc……no water marks or stains. Same with my sofa table. If you do have to, just lightly wax the top bar, places that get abused when you feel like it may be showing wear. I really have never re-applied and have even used the magic eraser on my coffee table. Good luck! XO~

  46. Hi Rebecca –
    Love your blog and your wit! Thanks for much for sharing this! I’m going to try the Valspar on my bathroom cabinets and the interior shelving good also use some work. Do you think this technique would be durable enough for the shelves? Warmly, Ruth

    • of course I meant ‘could use some work’. I’m looking at my laundry room cabinets too!

    • I do. I would do a good wax paste on them as well. My table that is abused gets roughed up. It is so durable that I use magic eraser on it. I would think your shelves could get scuff marks as well. You may want to put down liners, just so you won’t have to worry! Good LUck! XO!

  47. Another question. How do you apply the wax paste? I feel like I am doing a thin laayer, like it says, but it feels weird, like not glossy enough maybe? And it doesnt seem like its rubbed in enough. I am using a buffer but it still seems… stiff I guess? How thick do you put it on, and do you just hand rub it in? Its super thick, almost solid, in the can, is it supposed to be like that?

  48. no way would I wax on a crib. Your baby might suck on that!

  49. What do you paint it on with?

    • I don’t know if I understand? I paint it on with a brush. I use cheap, nicer brushes…..and what I have. : ) Is that what you meant? I’m sorry, I’m confused!

  50. April Pierce says:

    Can u wet distress with the valspar?

    • I have “wet” distressed with spray paint. BUT wet distressing is diff. with latex. It means, distressing while wet. In other words….I have taken a damp paper towel or baby wipes are my favorite and rubbed the edges etc. and given it a distressed look and then it dries. Whereas with chalk paint, wet distressing means…a wet sponge turns your dry paint into wet paint. Not the same. Clear as mud? You’re welcome. ; ) You can make it work. I promise. XO! ; )

  51. Love your work Rebecca! I love the Valspar Ultra paint and primer. This is the same paint I use to make my very own line of Chalk Based Paints. Check it out on, Etsy and EBay. It’s Liquid Vintage Chalk Based Paint. Would love to send you a free sample to try. My prices are : 16oz $13. 32oz/1qt $23. I also have a Facebook page : Liquid Vintage Chalk Based Paints And Decor.

  52. I went to Lowe’s tonight and bought my first jar of Quite Red! So “RED-y” to use it on my table to make it “Perfect Red.” Darn right giddy, to tell the truth.

  53. If I use this to paint my table and chairs, what do I use to seal it for easy clean up (have little kiddos!)? I’d rather not wax every few months.

  54. Great post- thank you! Lowes-Velspar also has this link for DYI chalk paint, by adding plaster of paris:

    Going to try both options!

  55. hi just found your site loved it do you have valspar color for a sage color and light cream color I would love cc to try it thanks

  56. I just bought the very flat valspar paint in Lincoln Cottage Black, I tried it on a small scrap piece and I think I love it! But the Lowe’s employee told me they were discontinuing the very flat paint :(. Why is it always when you find something you like, they get rid of it! Do you think it will work the same with the regular flat paint? Although they had it on sale for $12.98 a gallon! I think I’m going to go buy a couple more gallons before it’s gone! Thanks!

  57. Please check the MSDS sheet for this product – it is dangerous to inhale if sanded, may damage your kidneys and is a possible cancer hazard!
    You can download the MSDS sheet as this site:

  58. I read in the above comments that you do wax your pieces with the Minwax paste – but did you use that on these black dressers? It just doesn’t look like they’ve been waxed. Would you always recommend using the wax or would they be fine without it – especially for a dresser that you wouldn’t set a wet glass on.

    • I did! It does not give it a super shiny look. Just a finished feel and I can put any glass down with no water stains! Good luck!

      • Lilli Sarantos says:

        So happy I found this blog!!! (Even if it’s a year after this thread was started!) But I have a question – for a high use piece, what do you think of a varathene or poly instead of wax? I was wondering you if or any of your readers have ever tried it. I know a few who have done it with ASCP. Going to Lowes tomorrow! Thank you!

  59. I’m a little behind the times here with the new Valspar! I just found it today out of sheer desperation. Needed plain ol black chalk paint. In my town (okay, it’s a city) we have the Americana Decor brand (Home Depot – very few choices. Pretty high prices) seriously, I had to choose between blue/black/white-ish. Of course I bought them all since they’re the only game in town for two and a half hours.
    Okay, long story a little shorter – called Lowes, got the best CS ever; the guy went and got the info he had and politely read it to me, then!! He went and read me reviews! They were mostly 5 stars! He also read the two (2) one star feed back. It was two different people that had clearly never used this medium of paint. So remarkably, I found this on my own, and not via Pinterest! ;). Thanks for the endorsement, I really needed it!

    You’re pieces would be lovely no matter what you use IMHO, however, why not save some cashola! You’re running a business!


  60. Hi, just got some of this paint to try and I thank you for sharing this valuable info. My question is can you still add calcium carbonate or plaster of Paris to this paint or is it not necessary at all? Going to try this paint today thanks to you.

  61. Love it! Do you think that for straight-up white you can go with a latex primer and just seal it at the end?

  62. Thanks for the information on the Super Flat Valspar paint and primer. Just my luck I called my Lowes and they just put all theirs on clerence and stopped selling in Florida.

    Do you have any other cheaper paints I could use instead of the Chalk paints? I’m redoing old pieces of furniture for family and friends.



  63. papande says:

    OKay, I was so excited to read this blog and am going to repurpose and old dresser. Then the bad news I just went to Lowes and found out that they just discontiued the SUPER FLAT!! 4 months ago!!! Can regular flat work?

  64. I thought “wow” when I saw the first dresser, then “double wow” when I saw it with the orange little stand/shelf…then “OMG LOVE!!!” when I saw the red dresser! Beau-ti-ful! I just started this summer working on refinishing old dressers and such, and it’s consumed almost my entire summer with zero regrets! This site is bookmarked ๐Ÿ™‚ TFS

  65. It’s Beautiful! Did you seal it with wax to keep from peeling or scratching?
    Thanks Erika

  66. tammy stephens says:

    Rebecca, Thank you so much for this post. I read all of it and I also read all of the comments. Your detailed responses really answered all my questions. I just bought a large load of antique furniture to refinish and shabby chic for reselling. When I got home I thought oh no! How am I going to afford all that expensive chalk paint and still make a profit? So again, thank you!

  67. Hi,
    I know you have LOTS of responses and questions and I’ve tried to skim through as many as I can looking for the answer I need. I thought I found it but sorry if you have to rewrite it over again. ๐Ÿ™‚
    So basically can I buy Super Flat paint (which I think you are saying is now discontinued) and then sand to make my distressed look and then I put wax on it? Or can I use poly to set it in? This is for a small end table in a guest room. I don’t think I have time to do “antique look” with the stain but will settle for “destressed.”
    Not sure this makes sense.
    Any help appreciated!

  68. Do you have to sand and prep with this paint or is it prep free like chalk paint?

  69. Hello… your site is amazing…. I live in Canada and am trying to find the super flat paint at lowes in Canada and they do not carry it.. also I looked on lowes site in usa and cannot find.. could you guide me if you went into the store and purchased or on line. thanks soo much ๐Ÿ™‚

  70. Hi…I have been working with ASCP for a few months and love, love it. Although I would love to find a cheaper way to refinish pieces. I know you said you wax your pieces, my question is…does the wax change the latex paint color like it does with ASCP? Do you do any extra prep with latex?

  71. Holly Surprenant says:

    How does it work on exteriors? Like the front door? Does it have to be sealed after?

  72. I want to do my dining room table and six chairs with “chalk paint”, my question is I want turquoise to be the first coat and white to be the top coat. So I want to see turquoise When I sand it…how can I do that with the Lowes paint? Should I do a coat of turquoise then when it dries do the white? I’ve been avoiding this project but after reading this page I’m excited to do it.

  73. Genevieve says:

    Such great tips! And I’m glad to know the flat will work as well as the super flat.

    I do have a question. I want to paint turquoise and distress a CL dresser that is already painted white. But when I distress it I don’t want the white to look really white.

    Do you think that using a stain before waxing would help with that? And do you have a brand and shade you recommend?

    It sounds like no prep is needed. Is that true even if it is already painted?

    This is my first project ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks so much

  74. Did you wax or finish the pieces in any way after distressing and sanding?

  75. Hi there! I love the look of these pieces!! I’m a total newbie to doing this. I’m wanting to paint an old armoire. Do you show the process anywhere? Prepping furniture & application?

  76. I can’t wait to try this. I put off painting my cabinets because of the price of the chalk paint. Now that you’ve spilled the beans I’m headed to buy some super flat now. This will be my first time using. So it’s paint, distress then wax right???? I want the primitive look..

  77. This was very helpful when I couldn’t find the color I wanted in chalk paint. 2015 update for you though, Lowes doesn’t sell the super flat anymore! They do have flat so I’m going to try it. It’s for a large initial for the wall. I’m sure it will be fine!

  78. Hi there! I recently received a new office desk. it is definitely particle board with the wood veneer (?) sticker …I dunno kind of top. I am nervous to sand this before painting. Does the ‘primer’ do well as a bonding agent on the ‘fake’ wood type pieces?

  79. So I just read through all these comments and the conclusion is that the Valspar super flat is now discontinued at Lowes?

  80. Hate to break everyone’s hearts but they are discontinuing this paint. Guy at lowes just told me. ๐Ÿ™

  81. Denise Holt says:

    So glad I saw this post tonight. Went to Lowes. Valspar has discontinued the super flat paint. No quarts left, but got a gallon for $18.00. Store swears they sell a lot and can’t figure out why Valspar would discontinue.

  82. I’m a retailer for a chalk based paint called Vintage Market & Design Furniture paints. It’s a great paint based in New Mexico that’s HALF the cost of all the others and is sold with a sealer so no more shoulder aches from waxing! I’m definitely going to go to Lowes though and give this Valspar a try! I’m always up for something new. You can check out my work and the VMD paints at www. Thanks for the info!!

    • Kathleen Herman says:

      I looked into the Vintage Market chalk paint but it is still $28.95 a quart which is cheaper than the other brands, but it is still pricey especially when you need to buy a variety of colors. Plus to pay for shipping on top of that. As a store owner, it is not cost effective as I am not a stockist. It gets frustrating and this is a good alternative.

  83. Just found your blog. Love it! I think I’m too late for the super flat paint as this was posted last year, but i love the black and will at least use that! Thanks.

  84. Jessica says:

    Can I coat with a polycrylic or polyurethane? Instead of wax?

    • Saw your comment and realize it is old. Try Valspar sealing wax from Lowes. I used water based polycyclic to keep from having to wax because it was such a chore. The Valspar sealing wax is so easy to use. I just wiped it on with a rag. I did a large armoire in less than an hour. I have found the finish to be durable so far.

  85. Love this! Lowe’s mixed my chalk paint to be bright green instead of black yesterday so it turns out they actually did me a favor. Definitely going to try this instead!

  86. I just got samples of the valspar ultra but the smell is very strong and I now have a headache from it. Is this normal? Just wondering as I am pregnant and painted two things for each of my kids rooms!!

    • Mine said NO VOC ( see my pics) so you be careful! Listen to your body and read your label. I don’t think they make this anymore. This is an older post. Be careful and check the labels! Xo!

  87. Is Americana chalk paint safe? I’m trying to avoid ordering online but want to use something safe while pregnant and for my kids.

  88. Kathleen Herman says:

    Rebecca, I wanted to ask you about the Minwax paste wax. The container that I have says that it is “natural”. I didn’t have another option, so is this the clear that you use? I tried it over a duck egg blue color and didn’t like it. Thanks.

  89. This is nothing special!!! This is simply low or no voc flat paint. I can achieve the exact same look with any flat acrylic paint and a paste wax. The low or no voc content can add to the cost a bit but the look is achieved with flat acrylic paint and a wax. The real trick is in hiding the fact that there is nothing special about this paint. The web site lists reasons for using this chalk paint but the list is laughable.

    1. Chalk Paintยฎ is the BEST paint for painting furniture by a long way
    2. No need to prime or prepare
    3. Extremely low VOC so it is good for the environment
    4. You can use it on any surface, indoors and out (the outside of our shop was painted in it — perfect!)
    5. You can use the paint by diluting it with water to make a wash to show the wood grain
    6. The colours are mixed intelligently and the website shows how you can adapt your colours for your use
    7. It’s a girls’ paint, but boys can use it too
    8. It’s flexible so you can be creative and change your mind
    9. It allows your walls to breathe so it is perfect for cottage walls
    10. You can use it as an impasto (thickly) – leave the lid off to thicken
    11. We’ve been making it since 1990 so it’s tried and tested

    Most of these reasons aren’t even reasons but plain opinions. The reasons given that are reasons can be achieved by most acrylic paints today.



  90. Courtney says:

    I went to Lowes and ordered the Boot Black Valspar chalky paint. It dried bright green on the lid. Has this happened to anyone else? How can I get black chalky paint? I am refinishing my great grandmother’s dressers and I really wanted black.

  91. Did you also apply a coat of wax, and if so how? I am new to this process.

  92. Where did you get that red and what brand is it? Thanks so much for your blog!

  93. Haven’t read ALL of the thread above so you may have already posted this. Lowes now has Valspar chalky paint. I have used both CeCe Caldwell and Annie Sloan and like the Valspar just a well. They also have a sealing wax. It is by far the BEST wax. I have used so many other things that were a chore. This is a gel type wax and you just wipe it on, that’s it!

  94. Still so confused on the perfect red! Sorry! Since you were unable to get it in the great new paint (that is now discontinued) ;(… what paint did you get the perfect red in? (poor English – sorry!)

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