Goodwill Secret #3!

Ok……you have learned about the “bell” in Goodwill Secret #1.
You were told about the discount “number” in Goodwill Secret #2.
This next secret….
Well, it is one of my favorites.
 For real!
Before I share though….you guys have added so much insight to these posts!
 If you are reading this Goodwill Secret series, make sure that you read the comments. You guys have shared some awesome tips from your area Goodwills or thrift stores. Thank you so much!
Remember, these secrets are specific to my region in some cases but take these secrets and ask your Goodwill what your region offers. Goodwill is a national chain. They have awesome standards and regulations that are for their stores over-all, so yours will have some of these same “secrets”.
Ok, ready for
You walk in your Goodwill and you are automatically overwhelmed.
There are good deals everywhere, don’t get me wrong.
For instance, I just found three brand new blazers for my husband for $3.79.
BUT……I didn’t find them in the men’s section….
Did you know that Goodwill requires new “stuff” to come out every 30 MINUTES!
Here is the deal.
Goodwill requires big stores to bring out 33 racks of merchandise
Goodwill requires smaller stores to bring out 21 racks of new merchandise
So, that means……you are standing back here……
You about pee your pants.
And a rack like this……
or this……
or this……
Comes out of the back.
or….according to this schedule….
Goodwill requires big stores to bring out 33 racks of merchandise
Goodwill requires smaller stores to bring out 21 racks of new merchandise
So…….the clothes and housewares can be overwhelming at first.
Hit the rolling racks first!
Our stores keep them at the front of the store.
Like this.
It has the fresh stuff.
The non picked over items.
And if you are lucky obnoxious.
You may even hit a rolling rack as it comes out the back door.
I have heard of people that look through the racks as it is rolling to the front.
I would never!!!
I have!
Can you even imagine?
 Me too!!!!
But secret number three!
If Goodwills overwhelm you.
Start with the rolling racks!
This is what all the “regulars” do.
And if you wondered why they always get the good deals????
Well…..this may be the reason.
So what do you do to spy the good bargains when you stop by your Goodwill or thrift?
Share with us!
We love hearing!
PS. I’m not paid by Goodwill to talk about them. I’m not given any compensation.
They do not know me except for the fact that I stalk all of their locations.
I just love a deal and I love what they offer and want to share it with you!
Check out their website to find a Goodwill nearest you!
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  1. I just hit a goodwill at lunch! Mine has lots of Target clearance items… complete with tags still on. Today I scored a Merona necklace… original $35 tag in place… Goodwill priced at $4.99. Booyah. I also picked up a pair of Gap Jean capris ($4) and Nike shorts ($2). Not toooo shabby!

    • Hi Dana! Imagine finding you here and not at your ‘Niche’!! I found a GW here in AZ that also gets stuff from Target! My daughter found a large, metal..well, medallion is all I can think of, to go on our back yard wall. The price from Target was $89.99…..we got it for $15! BAM! That’s what I’m talking about!

  2. PS – I totally caught myself listening for a bell… and I swear I even heard one once. But as I whip-lash-turned I was met with nothing but an employee walking out of the back. Could have just been a figment of my hopeful-thrift-loving imagination!

  3. the Goodwills in Texas (I’ve shopped both Northeast and Central Texas) are just too high priced. When I donate stuff, they put it in a large trailer and apparently shipped it off to other locations. So, I’ve quit shopping and donating at Goodwill and found a local thrift that keeps the stuff in the local area. Thanks for letting me rant.

    • I agree!!! That’s been my experience also. The Texas Goodwills I shop also never have any type of specials or markdowns 🙁

    • what the local Goodwills do in the area of Texas I live is, they take all the donations to the downtown Houston location to sort & the n ship it out to stores t o keep it mixed up .I like that idea so not to be looking at things i donated in the local store & having other people recognizing things I might buy ,as things they donated

  4. thanks for the GW tips.I don’t live close to one but we look for them when we travel.I live in Alabama and we have some good thrift stores American Thrift Stores..there is one in Tennessee and in Mississippi also. That being said they will not let you “shop” their carts.I had been looking for the wire basket that goes in know what I mean.Well one day I saw one in the cart they were putting out and I grabbed it.Boy I got the evil eye…but I didn’t care I had been looking for one for months…

  5. These tips are really fun!! I’ve stopped shopping Goodwill because they are one of the highest priced thrift stores in the area. However, my other regular places seem like they are raising prices now sooooo now that I know some Goodwill secrets I’m going to visit our three closest stores soon!!! Thanks so much for the hot tips!! 🙂

  6. I discovered a new little church run thrift shop in my area today that has amazing prices. I found a very nice pair of dressy capris for $1. Everything there was really priced well. I do shop at Goodwill but I am picky because there are too many good local shops that have much better prices than Goodwill. Don’t be afraid to try new shops & don’t be afraid of shops that aren’t so clean – especially when looking for dishes or garden things. I tried another new-to-me local shop today & found a beautiful African Violet pot for $3.45. Thrifting has become so popular that the larger stores, especially chain stores like Salvation Army & Goodwill have priced themselves out of some customers range.

  7. Wow, that looks like a well-stocked store! Our Goodwill is more like a yard sale gone wrong. The only rack that looks somewhat organized is the men’s t-shirts. Thanks for the tip though, I’ll give it a try!

  8. I totally agree! My tip for you, (and it may not apply where you live) but some Goodwills have senior citizen discount day. Ours is on Wed. and if you are a senior, you get 25% off your entire purchase. Not all Goodwills do that, but I am so fortunate to live near one. We have two different Goodwills within 30 minutes of each other; one big, one small. The small one takes their new racks back by the ladies’ dept; so that’s where I go looking. The big one keeps their new racks of clothing in the middle of the store between the front & the back. Just get to know your store and the dynamics of how they work. One lady in our area replaces almost her entire wardrobe 2 or 3 times a year! She buys multiples of the same style in different colors; sometimes, they still have the tags on them; Coldwater Creek, Ruby Tag,& many more. The sales clerk knows me & one day pointed out to me that they had just set out a whole rack of clothes in my size. I got 12 tops for $ 3.79 each! As a plus size woman, it is sometimes hard to find, quality clothes at reasonable prices, but not here!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I need that gold pocketbook on the rolling cart for my GA Tech football games. I hope you purchased it for me! Just send it my way! Jill

  10. I really liked this series, thanks for sharing!

  11. I’m not sure if someone has already mentioned this, but at our closest Goodwill in California each price tag has a color and each week one of the colors are half-price! A shirt for $3 would be $1.50 for example and so on. They have it on a sign when you walk in, and also tell the customers via the speaker system.

  12. I just read this series, am a little behind in reading some of my favorite blogs. But reading it today was perfect because, today, after a birthday luncheon for a friend, I’m driving home with the friends in the car and one friend said “look there a Goodwill!” I whipped in there so fast the birthday girl said she got whiplash! As we are looking around I told them it was a good day to be there because it was senior citizen day. Then one of the friends looks at me and says “I’m not going to tell you I think it’s a little scary that you know that!” Not scary, just thrifty, right? 🙂

  13. Hey, I tried to buy those cushions

  14. debbielynne says:

    I wanted to share a series with you that I’m doing on my blog. It’s ’52 Weeks of Goodwill’. I wish we had that bell in Virginia!

  15. In my area the goodwill is next to the mall and expensive but that’s because there is an outlet store in the not so nice part of town. All the merchandise is in bins so you have to dig but it is sold by the pound. There’s plenty of good stuff. Paid three dollars for a vintage coat I resold on ebay for $!105. Love goodwill.


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