Candlestick lamps updated

We all have these, have seen these or pass them by at yard sales or thrift stores.

Mine sat on my night stands in my master bedroom.

Candlestick lamps.

But they just seemed outdated.

These lamp shades caught my eye at World Market.

Aren’t they cute?!
$14.99 each.

I hemmed. I hawed. I hawed. I hemmed.

Then I bought them quick and ate a bag of donuts out of guilt.

They were paired with distressed white lamps at World Market but were also sold separately……and I knew a transformation was in my future.



White paint that was lightly distressed and a $14.99 World Market shade brought them totally up to date.

Don’t you think?

How many of you have these lamps?

I originally got mine from separate yard sales. They aren’t the same size but I put one on my hubby’s side and the shorter one on my side. They are female and male lamps.

It’s a new thing fashion wise AKA, I just made it up.

I like the matching look but different size….mainly because that is all I had. ; )

Want to see the difference again?




Rebecca+newly distressed candlestick lamps and shades=True love forever.


Who is going to get the shades first?



PS. Sorry for the yucky pictures. It was storming outside but I wanted to get this post out!

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  1. I have one of those lamps, now I’ll have to start looking for a shade. hmmm I see a lamp makeover in my future! Love those shades.

  2. I WANT the shades! We don’t have a World Market here but I found them on-line. They don’t tell what size the shades are…do you know??? And I love the male/female lamps. You are a smart & sassy gal!!!

  3. I love the update.

  4. Super cute! Love a good B&A. Those shades are darling. The lamps look GREAT in white. Good job girl 😉

  5. Moocha betta! Love them!!! Totally steeling this idea! Hope you are having a blast on the island…if you go to Drunkin Jack’s, have some hush puppies for me!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  6. Great Lamp Revision!!! I always love a good lamp post.

  7. They look great! Love them!

    • I can’t ever really read your comments because your gorgeous profile picture slaps me in the face. I MUST make more effort to look good. You are so pretty. Just so you know…….
      And I do read the comments too. ; )
      Love, Me

  8. Never mind!!! I found the size:)

  9. Ooohhh, so cute!!! I don’t have a lamp like that but now that my eyes have been opened to their cuteness, I hope I find one!! 🙂

    You never fail to make me smile and I love checking in on you!! Thank you!! 🙂

  10. Love the new look for the Lady and Gentleman lamps! (hehe, that was cute!) But my question is….what are you going to do with the old shades????

  11. These turned out beautiful, and I think your photos are great!

  12. I’m totally embarrassed by how many of those lamps I have stashed away in a closet Rebecca!!! Now I know what to do with them because yours look absolutely awesome! Thanks so much for sharing them with us at Inspiration Friday~

  13. Love your lamps!! I bought this same shade a few weeks back and put it on a white base too! You’ve got great taste!!!

  14. Loving the lamps now that they have the new shades. So pretty! I’ll have to be on the lookout for some! Thanks for sharing you white creative inspiration at Sunday’s Best!

  15. So awesome would love to see pics of where you are going to use them .

  16. Love the charming tree! It would be perfect in my little girl’s room redo coming wall decals

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