A baby or a beach cottage?

Remember the BU-GLY tall chest transformed to the “Cottage” style beauty?

He had a BU-GLY sister. Bless her heart.

And she needed a transformation.

She wasn’t going to be transformed into the “cottage style”.

She is in my second batch getting ready to go to Beaches.

She needed a “shabby chic” transformation.

Like this……..

I used the same colors I used on my nightstand makeover.
CeCe’s “Simply White” and “Smokey Mountain”.

It goes on easy and I can literally get a ton of pieces done quickly. Want to see how messy I am?

I know….pitiful.

But I have a plan…..I slap it on….

Then distressing cleans it up and I go around my piece with a small paintbrush and fine tune……

It’s quick. No priming and distressing brings out the beauty.

Complex plan.


She’s not so BU-GLY anymore.

I can’t figure out if she makes me think of a beach cottage….

Or a baby…….

Or a baby in a beach cottage?

Either way…..

She is ready for her new life…..

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Don’t you agree?

Do you like?

I can’t wait to hear from you!

She will be delivered and ready to be sold with my next batch this week.



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  1. Love the two colors together and the distressing!

  2. I like it – good point – why take all the time if you’re just going to distress? And the CeCe Paint sands so nice and fast.

  3. I love it…the colors make my heart happy;)

  4. Totally “Beach Cottage”…. though could be baby (my head is just not in that place : )
    It would fit great in our new cottage… I may copy that look… Thanks for sharing..

  5. Totally Stunning!

  6. Beachy all the way!! I don’t see baby…but then, I’m not in that world anymore! 🙂 I think the blue accents are so lovely!! You do such great work!!!

  7. She is totally gorgeous either way! I love the pulls on the top drawers and the paint job is just beautiful Rebecca!

  8. The piece is beautiful!! Tell us more about Ce Ce’s paint, please please! I went to the site…its almost as expensive as Annie Sloan.And what are your thoughts on Milk Paint? How are they all the same, how are they all different? Pros and cons? Boy, I’m really full of questions today!!! 🙂

  9. Very nice! Love the color combination. I would say it could go either way, baby or beach.

  10. This is soooo cool! I DO love it!

  11. This is soooo cool! I DO love it!

  12. You would never know what bugly she came from! Great job as always 🙂

  13. You did an amazing job!

    Mrs. Delightful

  14. Hey girl! I’m your newest follower and i’m really impressed with how this dresser turned out! Amazing! Love it!


  15. She’s definitely not the ugly sister now! Beaches is lucky to have you consigning (I imagine) through them. Bet you bring a lot of business.

  16. She’s beautiful! I wish she could come live with me when we move to the beach (someday). 🙂

  17. Wow I sure could use a keeper like this one! Gorgeously done!deidre~ http://simplysimplisticated4.blogspot.com

  18. Hi there…I absolutely love this dresser…everything about it!!!! The more shabby, the better for me:-)) Sharon and I are new retailers for CeCe in Nashville…just love all the colors and wax. Thanks for sharing your lovely project, Julie

  19. Love this piece. Definitely beachy. You are inspiring me!

  20. This looks great. No longer ugly. Love the color combination. It really would be adorable in a baby’s room. Great job!

  21. Okay. A couple of things.
    First, this piece is FABULOUS. Love the color choices. Thanks for linking up. You rock.
    Second, Is CeCe’s like Annie Sloan?
    Thirdly, I’m headed down to MB this weekend and just saw where you put your stuff up! I might have to make a trip up to North Myrtle so I can see your pieces in person! Whoo-hoo!
    Finally, I was following on Facebook and now have signed up for the newsletter so I won’t miss a post.
    Do you feel loved or what? 🙂

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