PB Sofa look!

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Remember this transformation?

I wish I had smell – a – vision for the before picture.

The wood and cushions reeked of cigarette smoke.

I was concerned about getting the smell out of the upholstery but I have been able to before…….

When it was as stinky as it was….I wasn’t too worried about trying a drastic technique to see if the smell would come out.

Because if it didn’t…..I wouldn’t keep the cushions anyways.

My drastic technique.

Drown the cushions with the water hose and keep pushing down on them.

It is a gross job and I don’t use my hands….for real.

I use my feet….in old shoes…….


I could see the NICOTINE pouring out…..it is and was really gross.

I then laid them up on their sides…..

And left them out in the rain.

For a few days.

Then let the sun dry them.

Then hosed them again…..


Believe it or not.

The smell came out……

There were 8 cushions total and these babies were reversible. Orange tweedish stuff on one side…..wagon wheel on other.

The total epitome of the word…..BU-GLY. (butt ugly)

But I loved the bones of this piece…..

To be honest, when it was finished……

It turned out prettier than I even thought it would.

Want to see what drop cloths…….left over curtain fabric for piping….and chalk paint can do?




I really, really think this set may be my favorite transformation yet.

I seriously love it.

I am really loving transforming these pieces…….

It is so neat to find out that this is something I truly LOVE doing………

This set will live at the consignment store……if it doesn’t sell on CL first.

IT IS SO STINKING HEAVY, it would really be nice if it did sell first….but I am hoping that the consignment store will LOVE these pieces.

I am taking my first batch this week.

I’m a little nervous.

I am going to post all of them…..so you guys will see what kind of stuff I am taking.

I hope they like them!

Don’t you guys want to pretend you are customers and ooh and aah over my stuff to them?

Call them constantly and act like you have heard about me?

Ok…that’s creepy and desperate.

I was totally joking.

Sort of.

Look at her!!!!!

I love the legs and arms!

They are so thick…chunky and they have so much shape to them.

Why is it that the same description applies to my legs and arms but it doesn’t have the same cuteness quality?

I would keep this sofa……..if I wasn’t transforming these pieces to “flip” them on CL or sell at consignment……


I am going to miss it.

I stretched an AS quart of chalk paint out to cover this couch…chair and a matching coffee table.

I will show you the table later this week.

This paint is expensive to me…so I knew that I needed to stretch it out to make a good profit.

I had 6.00 in each slip cover and 30.00 in paint…..so I watered down my paint like crazy…..

The set was a steal on CL, because of the condition.

So this set is a great “flip” for profit piece…….which helps me let go of it easier.

What do you think?

Like the transformation?

Aren’t the bones of this piece so gorgeous in the AS chalk paint?

The pretty slip covers….

Navy and off white piping.

Yep….I love it!

I am so excited.

I hope they do as well.

Let me know your thoughts!!!!


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  1. I have to admit…I am oohing and aahing over the transformation. You really have done a great job with this piece.

  2. Looks wonderful!!

  3. I do love it!!! I can’t wait to see the set together…I bet you sell it quick! Are you going to fill us in on the slip covers?I love them, too.

  4. NordicGirl2 says:

    I had this exact sofa when I first moved out of my folks house a century ago. I think every one like this smelled like smoke! I took mine outside and hung them on the clothes line for the summer. By fall they were ready to finally come in the apartment. Even then I used carpet cleaner on it to make sure it didn’t reek. Love you transformation better than mine that’s for sure!!

  5.  Wow!!  Great Transformation on both pieces….
    I have some similar pieces that I am about to re-do… (getting married in the 70’s… everyone had this type of furniture… & I still have one…. : )  This will certainly sell, I can just see it in a cottage. Nice job!!!!

  6. Lynnbeachmama says:

    This set turned out so beautiful.  I just love the clean bright look of it.  My mother also had this same type of couch and chair, but I was a dummy and got rid of it grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Wish I had seen this transformation before I did.  You did a great job on the cushions too, wish I could sew like that.  Beautiful work 🙂

  7. WOW, between you & Red Hen 50’s retro buffet yesterday…my eyes have been opened to cheaper possibilities of raw material 🙂

    And thanks for sharing how far you stretched the AS paint

  8. It looks awesome. I love this style couch…and you did a great job on it.
    I’ve wanted to try the AS paint but it’s a little too  expensive for me…:(

  9. Love It! I will be searching for bugly pieces on cl!

  10. I just can’t believe how awesome you are!!! I love it!! I want to be like you!!! Well, in the crafty sort of way since I know nothing else about you. And that would be a little creepy.

    You are incredible. I Love It.

  11. Gorgeous Gorgeous!!
    SO would love something like that!

  12. Oh this turned out to be a beautiful piece!  So clean and fresh (which is a complete turnaround from what you described as it’s “before”).  I see it on someone’s covered patio or sunroom!  Great job!

  13. This piece is absolutely gorgeous!!!  I will say that I have used that very same technique to get the cat urine smell out of a chaise lounge….  It worked!

  14. beccarobinson says:

    love the sofa and you are super funny!  Let’s be friends – but not in a bloggie stalking sort of way!  Come see me at http://www.cookieandclaire.blogspot.com
    If nicotine does that to foam and fabric, think about what it does to our living tissue?!  Yikes!

  15. I’ll tell you the truth….(always)……if I lived near you, these would be MINE!  Love, love, love the couch and chair…can’t wait to see the table!  Just read below what becca said…..about nicotine.  I smoked for nigh on to 30 years…2+ packs a day.  Quit, cold turkey, in 1981 and I thank God everyday for giving me that strength.  So!  Anyway!  Good work!

  16. Love how it turned out, love your blog! You did a beautiful job! Do you have one consignment store you sell your ‘stuff’ at? I just got my 1st ASCP order and love it! I want to sell some stuff…just trying to figure out how and where? Do you have some kind of formula for pricing?
    Don’t want to ask too many questions but I have this vision of a garage full of painted pieces taking over !! Yikes! lol

  17. I would totally put this in my house! You did a great job! This would be perfect for a sunroom or screened porch also.

  18. CA_Powell says:

    What an amazing transformation! You should really be proud of this one!

  19. that was a ton of work, but so worth it!  it looks amazing!!!!

  20. when i was little we had a couch that was wood like this and the cushions were burnt orange…it matched the burnt orange shag rug and the avocado green flooring…my mom had the cushions recovered in williamsburg blue plaid after that…it was still hideous…she finally passed it down to my uncle…now its back in my parents barn….my mind is ticking…LOL…thanks for posting this…i pinned in

  21. Kimnichols45 says:

    That is awesome. You did good!

  22. AMAZING!!!  That is one of the best transformations I have ever seen!  If I lived near that consignment store, I think it would be calling my name!  Great job!  blessings ~ tanna

  23. heavens-walk.blogspot.com says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did an amazing job on this, girl!  It’s just beautiful – and worth alot of money! Hope you priced it high!  🙂

    xoxo laurie

  24. Stonegable says:

    Oh my! Your great chair has a big brother! WONDERFUL! I wish these were in my family room!

  25. I love it ! Have you seen the DIY chalk paint recicpes yet? I am going to try it and see how it works, so much cheaper, I hear even Martha has a recicpe! You did a great job on this set, makes me want to go shopping on craigslist!   karen…

  26. looks fabulous!

  27. Laura Gonzalez says:

    Stunning transformation!!!  I never would have thought it would looks SO good!!!!  As a set or individuals the chair and couch would look fab in any room!!!! 🙂

  28. Anu@MyDreamCanvas says:

    This is one amazing transformation. You have a gorgeous blog. Would love for you to stop by My Dream Canvas. Take care Anu

  29. Kathyforcum says:

    I got a sofa from the paper once and had to soak the cushions in the bathtub in water and vinegar and then left them out to dry for a couple of days and that worked great.  This is really a very good transformation!

  30. Handy Man, Crafty Woman says:

    I love that you were able to make use of that AWESOME frame and save the cushions to boot!  BRAVE restoration! Thanks for linking to Wicked Awesome Wednesday!

  31. Verymerryvintagestyle says:

    It’s gorgeous! I have some dining chairs I picked up at an estate stale that are pretty cigarette stinky… not sure if I am brave enough to try this method! Stop by and link up some Wednesday!

  32. Shewilliamson says:

    Oh, my goodness! This turned out more than gorgeous! It looks fabulous!! You are good!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  33. Omg, LOVE IT!!! Fabulous job. So wish I lived near you. Am loving your ideas and pieces (and stop saying you’re fat, you look great!) – keep them coming!

  34. Rphilbeck says:

    Awesome.. You did a wonderful job.

  35. WOWSERS!  What a transformation….great job.  BTW, we have the same RL green pillows! 😉

  36. That is a fabulous transformation! The consignment people should LOVE it.  If I were a real customer I’d oohhh and ahhhh over it even without you secretly asking me to.  Lisa~

  37. Nicole@Thrifty Decorating says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!  Putting this on my FB page!

  38. Nicely done! One of my apartments in college had a couch upholstered to match these. (I hope it’s been put out to pasture…)

  39. Stuff and Nonsense says:

    looks fantastic…i would never have known that particular method of removing cigarette smoke!

  40. Jan @SouthernJunkin' says:

    Cute, cute! Love your idea of cleaning the cushions!! Good luck on the flip!!

  41. Katie@The Crafty Blog Stalker says:

    I love your redo!  It looks amazing!!

    I would love for you to share with my link party Blog Stalking Thursdays!

  42.  Thank you Shewilliamson! It was fun and rather easy! Love, Me

  43. Thank you Kurt! Yay! Even a boy approved! Love, Me

  44. This is such an awesome transformation!  Love it!  And I know what you mean about finding something you love to do.  I just started my vintage furniture refurbishing business earlier this year and I feel so excited about what the future might hold.  Congrats and best of luck.  I’ll be following 😉


  45. Megan @ Apple House Revival says:

    Well, it’s not often that I claim I wouldn’t have picked up THAT piece of furniture, but I wouldn’t have!  You did a beautiful job. 

  46. You did a great job. i pinned it here http://pinterest.com/pin/123857759/

  47. UNBELIEVABLE transformation…I would never have seen the potential in this piece let alone even purchased it given the cigarette smell.  I’d buy it in a heart beat.  It would look great under my awning.  Heather

  48. Carla Gilliam says:

    This is just crazy!!  My aunt & uncle gave me a set almost identical to this and just as bugly.  You’ve done your makeover exactly the way I’m doing mine, drop cloth slipcovers and all.  Don’t know how you did your coffee table, but I turned mine into an ottoman, I figured that whenever I do sit down my feet are always on the table anyway so I ran with it.  Thanks for giving me a vision of what’s to come!

    Carla 🙂

  49. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!  You did an AWESOME job!!!

    Lou Cinda

  50. I am LOVING your sofa!! What a fantastic transformation!!! Can’t believe how darn good it looks now!! Stopping by from S & N this morning- hope you will come share this at Feathered Nest Friday too! 🙂  It’s fabulous!

  51. Upscale Downhome says:

    Your hard work paid off–the transformation is amazing! I can see why are in love with your project; it is drool worthy!

  52. Thank you Jenna! Love, Me

  53. Stacey if it doesn’t sell….I think I may go buy it ; ) Love, Me

  54. Isn’t that funny how they all smelled like smoke. I don’t know that this would work for everyone…….but the method works for me! Love, Me

  55. I would love to see your pieces when finished! Love, Me

  56. Get it back! I wish I could find  more sets! Love, Me ps…I didn’t sew them. My seamstress only charged 6.00 a cover! Love ,Me

  57. she’s pretty!
    I washed a foam piece one time, and it took 2 weeks to dry!  🙁

  58. Amazing, amazing transformation!! I featured it on my TT&J facebook page 🙂


  59. Gloria Fox says:

    Wow, I see these sets all the time at thrift stores with that BUGLY fabric and never give them a second look.  I’m gonna be taking a second look now.

    “Why is it that the same description applies to my legs and arms but it doesn’t have the same cuteness quality?”  hahaha Unfortunately, this applies to my legs and arms too.  🙁

  60. Becky@OrganizingMadeFun says:

    The cottage that we stay at in the winter has the SAME couch and cushions!  They don’t smell like smoke, but they are the same set.  I could hardly believe that they could look that great when I saw this!  Amazing!  Beautiful!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  61. Gorgeous!!!!!!

  62. It’s just beautiful! I have to say though… you are WAAAAY more patient than me with all that gross/disgusting work you went to getting that smoke smell out!!  I love both this sofa and the baby brother chair! (oh… and your makeup story made me crack up!  How embarrasing!)


  63. Wowsers! Where do you live? I wanna buy it! I NEED to learn how to sew more than just a crooked line so I can start making slip covers. You inspired me! No seriously, this really is AWESOME!!!

  64. Projectqueen says:

    I just saw a couch like this at a local thrift….I walked right by it.  Now I wish I had picked it up!!! Yours looks fabulous.

  65. Love it! Never really looked at sofa like that at garage sales but HELLO, am now!  Thanks for opening my eyes!

  66. I’ve been looking for a set like this on CL for about 7 months now to re-do for my sunroom!  This is EXACTLY what I’m having dreams over!  You did a fantastic job! I’m seriously in love and my obsession just went up a few notches!

  67. At the Picket Fence says:

    That is SERIOUSLY AMAZING!!!! I just absolutely cannot believe how you transformed this piece and how gorgeous it looks. I cracked up about your technique for removing the smell because I would be the same way with not wanting to touch it! The only thing is, what’s so wrong with wagon wheel fabric? LOL! Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday this week!

  68. Love, love, love it!  That is just my style!

  69. Sandi Martin says:

    This is beautiful!

    You are gifted in bringing beauty from something others would pass by.

  70. This looks amazing.  

  71. Kellinielson says:

    L.O.V.E. it!

  72. Wow, I do love it!!! I’ve thought of “flipping” furniture, but are you afraid for people to come to your house???

  73. Oh wow another beauty. Again great job!


  74. I would say make sure you have someone there with you in case you feel umcomfortable.

  75. JoselynGreene says:

    Oooh, ahhhhh! Nice work!

  76. Yay! I just featured you today! Come grab a button!


    Kim @ Too Much Time

  77. Nifty Thrify Things says:

    What a great makeover!! I love it!
    I would love it if you shared this at {nifty thrifty sunday}!
    Hope to see you there!

  78. Rachelle Falcon says:

    This looks great! You did a wonderful job. I’d love it if you stopped by my blog and checked out the giveaway I’m having for a Dremel Trio!

  79. Holy Gravy!  I LOOOOOVE this!  Please ship it to my place asap!
    Kerry at housetalkn.blogspot.com

  80. Well done, it’s gorgeous and I have just the spot for it, giggle. Hugs

  81. Hey there~ just stopping back by to say thanks so much for linking this up at Feathered Nest Friday this week~ Sharing this at tonights party! 🙂

  82. just a note to let you know that i am featuring your furniture on fridays unfolded this week!


  83. Love your couch makeover! Can you tell me how you made your slipcovers? I have a sofa in my garage similar to yours and I would love to make it look like yours.

  84. @5666e4071b4df577db8dd5776e96b1ed  I am lucky that I have a seamstress, I have used for 10 years. She only charged me $6.00 a cushion, which worked perfect for my budget. I pulled up this blog’s tutorial….her slipcovers were “pocketed” like mine were. They are almost exact to mine. Hope this helps! If you do this…and do not have a blog….I would love to post  your makeover for you on our “hog da’ blog” series. Just email me pic’s. Hog da’ blog, in the subject and what you did. Make sure to take before and afters. Gives everyone a chance to show off your hard work! Even if you don’t have a blog……here was that great and easy tutorial form OTHER blog…that looks like my slipcovers! http://cottagemagpie.com/sewing/projects/pillows/how-to-sew-pillow-cover/ Love, Me

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  86. I bought a set very similar to yours and was originally thinking of keeping it natural. Your furniture turned out so beautifully that now I’m thinking otherwise. I’d love any of your advice as I’m planning to start on it soon: http://www.salvagedspaces.com/2012/03/what-wood-you-do.html

  87. I loved them when you first did them, still do. Too bad you’re in GA and I’m in CT and shipping is soooo expensive.

  88. Was wondering if you had instructions on how to do this. I have a similar couch and want to do this exact same thing. Nervous because I’ve never done a project like this. Thank you for your time!

  89. Mad Margaret says:

    I know this is an old post from 2011, but I really want to know where you found the sofa and chair. I’d love to put something like this in my living room and the only choice seems to be a futon.

    Love your site.

    Thanks, Mad Margaret


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