Bench with chalk paint

I dove in…….


I finally made the plunge into Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint.

And when I dove……..

I was soaked………….

With sweat.

It is like 747 degree’s here today….

So, when I say, I took the plunge.

I literally did.

In sweat.

Isn’t that disgusting?

I’m serious.

I have been putting off painting for awhile because it is soooooo stinking hot outside…..

But my garage is driving me crazy!

So……I decided to ignore the fact that my pores were literally leaking and pull out my chalk paint and get busy.

Am I grossing you out?

Because I never tell anyone stuff like that.

For real.

I never even really sweat.

For real.

But today…..I poured…..

Because it was SO stinking hot!


All of that, to get to this…….

Before pictures………

Please excuse the fact that my camera wouldn’t stop clouding trying to adjust to the Sahara Desert temperatures.

Ok…I will hush.

For real.


This is a Craigslist find.

Came with another bench and table.

I am going to experiment with each piece differently.

Yep, I am.

The place where I picked up my Annie Sloan Chalk paint also consigns pieces of furniture.

So, they will go there to live, soon…….

Unless, they reject them.

I hope they don’t.

I would be so embarrassed.

What if they do?

I didn’t think of that.



Want to see the after?

Check yes or check no if you like…..

Ok, nowhere to check….so just say you like it…..

Pretty please.

I have quite a few pieces that I am playing around with….

So, I will give you my thoughts on chalk paint later this week.

Another before pic, since you didn’t ask…….

And after.

You’re welcome.

What do you think?

Am I the last one on the Annie Sloan Chalk paint train?

Also, when people say that they can show you how to make your own “chalk paint”… they mean this kind….or the chalkboard kind?

Are they the same?

Help me people!

Like the transformation?

Can’t wait to hear!

Wait until you see some of the fun stuff I have been up to!

Some of them….

I think they may now be my favorites!

For real!



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(here is the tutorial link! I just posted it!


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  1. Love it!!!!!!

  2. Handy Man, Crafty Woman says:

    I like the color you chose! Nice job! Thanks for linking to Wicked Awesome Wednesday!

  3. LOVE IT!!!!

  4. Looks great!! I love that color.
    I’m your newest follower!

  5. Wow this came out amazing!!! 

  6. Wow!!!!  That is gorgeous!!!!  🙂

  7. REALLY cute bench. And, no, I haven’t got on the AS paint wagon yet. Too dang hot here to even THINK of painting anything. Gonna wait ’til fall…if at all…:))

    I just put the kind of cheese that we like (pepper jack and sharp cheddar) , butter one side (outside) of the tortilla, fold it, grill it until nice and brown on both sides and cheese is running out a bit. Gosh, NOW I’m hungry for ’em…..:))

  8. Be More Inspired says:

    LOVE IT!  Is chalk paint ok for outdoor elements?  Does it need to be sealed?  I haven’t jumped on any paint train, let alone AS chalk paint.  I’m afraid!  I have an awesome project waiting in my garage, to be transformed into a t.v. stand – but I’m afraid. I’m liking the idea of using chalk paint for it, though. I just like the finish it has.  Great job! Keep it up.

  9. Paulajcrow917 says:

    I love it and if someone has not scarfed it up by the time I get paid, it’s mine.

  10. Gorgeous now I have to hunt down a bench to paint. You did a great job!

  11. I like it & no you’re not the last to try Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint, that would be me…but I need to find somebody in town that has it…

    I found the best little round, ornate table for $1.50 that is screaming for some chalk paint!!!

    Did you use the paste was stuff w/it?

  12. Love it!!!!!!!! I guess this kind of chalk paint is not for writing on…. I am the last to be on board with this type of paint. I do havea project in mind at my entertainment center. Out living room is just too dark..

  13. I absolutely love the color, the way they are so rich and deep! Is that 2 jars of the samples sitting on the bench?
    I just ordered some AS Chalk Paint and some samples,wondering how much you get out of them. Can’t wait for them to get here! Love your blog.

  14. I love it!  I love the color….much more than I did on the website!  Please post a tutorial for us!!! You are so very talented!

  15. NordicGirl2 says:

    Love the bench. How many other colors are there? I’m not into blue,green or gray though. Would like to see some other colors used. By all means we need a tutorial!

  16. says:

    This is the best finish I’ve seen with AS paint, great job!

  17. I really like this. It reminds me of my neighbors’ set. You could get away with painting the whole set this way, I think, or match the benches and coordinate the table color… much better than the standard oak breakfast table set!

  18. Glenda@magnoliabenddrive says:

    This is beautiful!  I love this color…. might be my next choice

  19. I love it,  would you share the colors you used?  You did a great job.

  20. Just sold…but I just listed the sister to this bench that I haven’t even showed you guys yet….wait until you see that one ; ) Love, Me

  21. @d0f4b0063d38fa7a5f9f9317581d1e58  I got lucky on that set! Would love to find another! Love, Me

  22. Thanks !!!!! Love, Me

  23. I LOVE YOUR DEAL!!!!! That is such a fun one to try it on! I did use the paste wax…but you could get by with stain and minwax paste if you have that on hand! Just a fyi. Not that you asked ; ) Love,  Me

  24. Thank you for hosting such a great linky party!!!! Love, Me

  25. I used one whole sample on this bench….wanted to cry. I am stretching out my other colors though! Goes a LONG way with a little bit of water! Love, Me

  26. Suzie  Thank you for following me! I love hearing from you and wait until you see the “sister” bench! Love, Me

  27. Just posted! Let’s hope it makes sense. Love, Me

  28. Too late! ; ) Love, Me

  29. Laura Williamson Gonzalez  You are so sweet! Wait until you see the other fun stuff! Love, Me

  30. @5e1ff8252dd74739868e39e7247b4fcf:disqus  Whatever you do…..don’t think you can do inside…even though it says you can because of no fumes! The sanding makes a mess…….like sheetrock dust! Would love to see your transformation! Love, Me

  31. NordicGirl2 says:

    Red is my favorite color as a matter of fact. But really any of the warm colors are great. Orange seems to be really popular this year and yellow too. The last few years every thing I see is blue,green or gray and those colors depress me. Thanks for posting tutorials for us, “slow”, people! 😉

  32. Valerie Campbell says:

    ahhhhhh… took the plunge & I love it! What colors did you purchase? and no, making your own chalk paint is not the same as A/S Chalk Paint (or IS it? She may have us all fooled! ha)  DIY chalkboard paint is *unsanded/powdered tile grout mixed with flat paint.  I bought a can of grout a few (er, years) ago & haven’t mixed any up yet. I didn’t want to do anything to encourage the littles to draw on walls! 
    How is Free Bird doing in her new home?

  33. Nicole@Thrifty Decorating says:

    Love the transformation and would love to feature it next week! 🙂

  34.  Valerie Campbell I will line my little samples up and take a pic. I am just so cheap that I am trying to find a cheaper way to get chalk paint. Isn’t that awful? Not just for me…..because I can get samples to test and blog about…..but for all of us. You will love this about Freebird. Guess who came in last weekend? Two days after i left. Freebird…..and this weekend as well. She is starting a new job and with school starting said that she was going to get her visits home while she could. She didn’t land very far did she? ; ) Love, Me

  35. Thank you! That would be so exciting! Love, Me

  36. Meghanbash says:

    I dont like, I LOVE! Good job!

  37. Mybellarose_sandra says:

    I must be the last blogger on earth that had not heard of chalk paint. lol I love it!  Do they come in different colors?  I’d love to see it in red! 🙂
    Have a wonderful evening. I

  38. Valerie Campbell says:

    I spoke too quickly. I saw the photo of the paint samples with the colors after I commented.  I haven’t tried either of those yet.  I let my 3 & 5 year old girls help me paint a table base…in my bedroom…today.  I went all crazy with Old White. Gotta haul it out to the blazing hot garage to sand & wax now. You inspired me to tackle this piece after I read your post this morning, but I was a wuss & painted in my nice air-conditioned house! and I actually attempted to blog about it to boot! 
    Ahhhhh, I remember the days when I could jump in the car & drive for hours.  I only had a 2.5 hour drive home when I was in college.  I can’t imagine driving 5 hours!!  Go Freebird : ) BTW- where is she going to school? *and I understand if you don’t want to share that info publicly.

  39. Misskopykat says:

    So, those are sample sizes of the Chalk Paint?  Are those available to purchase at a “stockist”?  When I ordered mine, it was in a metal can and looked like it was bigger. 
    You bench turned out an amazing color.  Love it!

  40. Your bench looks fabulous !!  Isn’t chalk paint the bomb ?!  I love the colors you chose … it’s singing now.  Becca

  41. Came over from MMS and I LOVE the bench.  And no, you are not the last one on the chalk paint train!

  42. Beingbrook says:

    Love!  Can’t wait to try some chalk paint.

  43. Maryann@Domestically Speaking says:

    Gorgeous!  And no you aren’t the last one to try their paint… I still haven’t!  Hopefully when we cool down I’ll head outside and try some too.  Your bench is being featured in the PoPP Spotlight this week.  Thanks for linking up.

  44. I love, love, love the bench! Did you paint the whole thing with the sample jar? I won some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and love it so much! I really need to get some more!

  45. No, I may be the last one on the Chalk Paint train. Want to try it but it is so expensive and I want to make sure it is the most durable paint out there. Is it? $50 for quart delivered to me. Ouch!! By the way I love the color it turned out! Did you use the dark wax as well?

  46. great job!  where can you purchase the sample sizes of paint? sue

  47. Toni McMahon says:

    Your bench turned out great.  Glad to know I am not the last person to try chalk paint.
    BTW – I’m your newest follower.

  48. Karen Harper says:

    It looks amazing, if they reject this they are nuts, its gorgeous.

  49. WestfurnitureRevival says:

    love the bench, the color is beautiful! would love to feature you on my blog on monday,
    please let me know if this would be ok with you.

  50. @117c6c0e77a6b2842bf9dd0189444c88:disqus  Ummmm…..yeah!!! Woo Hoo!!!! Thank you so much! I can’t wait ! Love, Me

  51. Thank you! Love, Me

  52. Yay! I’m your newest BBFF! Love, Me

  53. says:

    BEAUTIFUL job, girl!!  This – coming from another Annie Sloan addict.  I am over the moon thrilled with her paint and can’t stop painting things now!  lol!  Worth every single penny, isn’t it?  🙂  Hope your heatwave breaks soon.  Ours has in MI and it’s much better here now.  Great for painting.  lol! xoxo laurie

  54. LOVE LOVE LOVE your finished transformation!! The colors you chose are gorgeous!! The finish is beautiful ~ and the styled photos as the end result made it all worth your sweat (and I’m sure a few tears!!) Sharing over on my FB blog wall. Hydrate & stay COOL!

    xo Lynda

  55. Thank you! I am still having a hard time parting with the pennies to buy that stuff….but I water and water and water it down to make it spread as far as possible.
     : ) Envy your weather! Love, Me

  56. Thank you and thank you for sharing! Read up…catch up….and stick around! Love, Me

  57. Vintage Beachgirl says:

    LOVE the finish on the bench!! You’ve outdone yourself! Congrats for on getting on the train!
    Hugs, VBg

  58. Very nice! Love that color.  Worth every ounce of sweat, blood, and tears. Or at least the sweat. ;P

  59. Vicky Koesel says:

    The color combination looks amazing! CP is very addicting you are going to have so much fun. It’s hard to go back to latex after using CP.

  60. Debra@CommonGround says:

    Nah, I’M the last one, well, hey, I have’nt even gotten on the train yet, but I will!!! Great transformation, thanks for linking up to VIF, xo Debra

  61. Laurenzstamper says:

    I love this! Love the color choices and I am a huge chalk paint fan!

  62. that looks WONDERFUL!!!  u brought that dated bench back to life, and the 21st century. 🙂

  63. OMGoodness!!!!!  That is beeeeuuuutiiiiful!!! But, uh….whadaya mean “are they the same” paints??  I never thought to question…I just assumed AS chalk paint WAS chalkboard paint!!  And you KNOW what they say about assuming!!!  So if you find the answer to this PULEEZE let me know!!!!

  64. it looks like a completely new piece!!!  not the same at all- you did a fabulous job with that finish!

  65. brookelaura2 says:

    Beautiful!  Found you on HoH link party.  I am a new blogger ( and a new follower 🙂

  66. Kathryn Ferguson Griffin @ The says:

    Oh, she is beautiful!!!  I’m swooning!!  Found you via Coastal Charms linky party.  Nice to meet you!  Pop on over for a visit when you get a moment.  Tootles, Kathryn

  67. I am so impressed with your work and wonder: is it really that easy to use chalk paint?

  68. abeachcottage says:

    Nice transformation. Lovely colour 🙂 Thanks for sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  69. ok–this is it–i’m taking the plunge!  your lovely bench inspired me and i’m going to paint my dining room set to look just like your bench!!  wish me luck!!  THANK YOU!

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