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When someone you love…….dies.

daddy 90

I have not known how to post this. I have not wanted to post this. I have really not wanted to endure this. But in real life, which is what my blog has revolved around.........people die. And you all deserve to know why I "disappeared" and why … [Read More...]

SECRETS to finding the Ballards / Pottery Barn / Restoration Hardware looks on CRAIGSLIST!

dining room 12

Every single time I share photos of the cool items I find on Craigslist, many, many comments say things such as:  Ballards Macau Arm CHAIRS $299.00 EACH You are so lucky! OR Your craigslist always has the best deals! OR How do you … [Read More...]

Dining Room and Simplicity…..

dining room 51

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! We did. It was probably one of our most stress free.....slower paced, and.......simpler (is that a word?) Christmases that we have had. Simpler.....(IS it a word?) And in keeping with simpler (???) … [Read More...]

Secret to pretty Chalkboard writing!

Christmas 2013 3

Guess what? I am probably the last person in the world to find this out...... But there is a secret to getting that really "white" pop when you write on your chalkboard. I thought it was chalkboard pens that people were using.....but, … [Read More...]

Burlap and Twine Monogrammed Dollar Tree Pumpkin

Burlap and Twine Dollar Tree Pumpkin 1a

Want to know how to make a burlap and twine monogrammed pumpkin? Want to only spend a Dollar? Got ya' covered! ~ Take a Dollar Tree Pumpkin...... Spray paint it white. Add a Burlap monogram and some twine and..... Wah Lah!   It is … [Read More...]

Pumpkin Heads!

Place card holders for kids table for Thanksgiving Punkin' Heads at YouAreTalkingToooMuch.com

*If you are on my Facebook you may have seen that I have been busy with my daddy's health. I am proud of my family at this time and the love and support of my brothers and sisters. We have been able to come together and provide 24/7 care for my dad … [Read More...]